Spooky Halloween Crafts for the Whole Family

Spooky Halloween Crafts for the Whole Family

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With the spookiest holiday right around the corner, families everywhere are looking for fun seasonal crafts and activities to do together to bring the spirit of Halloween to their homes!

And what better way to get excited about Halloween than with some spooky Halloween crafts for the whole family! Whether you like decorating spider cookies, painting scary monster plates, or getting a little icky with some oozy radioactive slime, you want to make sure to find the perfect Halloween craft for you and your little ghosts and ghouls.

Here are some of our favorite spooky craft ideas to help you and your little monsters get excited about Halloween!

Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull Candy Eggs

Spooky Halloween Crafts for the Whole FamilyLooking for fun, spooky Halloween crafts that double as the perfect candy packaging for Trick-or-Treaters? Then these Dia de los Muertos sugar skull candy eggs are the perfect craft for you! Not only are they a great way to reuse the leftover plastic Easter eggs, but they’re also a great opportunity to get those creative gears turning.

All you need for this craft are plastic Easter eggs, white spray paint, and paint or permanent markers. First, you’ll want to spray paint the eggs, both inside and out, and let them dry. Then put down some newspaper or a cheap tarp, get some raggedy old t-shirts for the kids to wear, and get to painting!

It might help to show some examples of the colorful, intricate sugar skull designs that can be found all over during Dia de los Muertos so that your little ones can see how limitless and creative their designs can be!

Oozy Radioactive Slime

Some Halloween crafts are icky, gooey, fun, and spooky, just like this oozy Radioactive Slime activity! For this craft, we want to shy away from the more harmful ingredients (like Borax). You’ll need 1 cup of Elmer’s glue, 1 cup of shaving cream, ½ cup liquid starch, and green food coloring.

Add the glue and shaving cream into the bowl and mix together until completely incorporated. Once its all mixed together, add your slimy green food coloring a few drop at a time until you reach the perfect radioactive color.

Finally, add the liquid starch a tablespoon at a time until you reach the perfect kneadable, stretchable consistency. You can add extra icky pieces like googly eyes and tiny plastic spiders to make it extra fun and spooky slime.

Halloween Pumpkin Stress Balls

Looking for simple but fun Halloween crafts to do with the family? Try these Halloween Pumpkin stress balls! All you need are orange balloons, a black sharpie, and rice!

First, take the orange balloons and decorate them with the cutest, spookiest Jack-o-Lantern faces you and your little pumpkins can come up with! Then, fill the pumpkins with rice until their firm but squishable and tie the bottom of the balloon to keep the rice inside. Have fun squishing your cute little pumpkins and I hope they bring you joy and relieve your stressful ghosts!

Scary Monster Plates

One of the most classic Halloween crafts out there, these scary monster plates are fun and spooky and the perfect way to encourage your ghosties to get creative and silly! There are so many kinds of supplies you could have out for making the monster plates – from paints and googly eyes, construction paper shapes and markers, and pipe cleaners and cotton balls.

Whatever you decide to use, have all the supplies available and spread out on the table before you begin crafting. If you don’t want to paint the plates individually, there are colored paper plates that would make the perfect base color for your monster face. Make sure you also have plenty of crayons, pencils, glue, and scissors so your kids can get creative and have fun!

Creative crafts like these monster plates are a great activity for young kids because it not only encourages them to get creative, but it also allows them to practice important developmental skills like cutting, writing, and using glue sticks!

Spider Cookies

For those looking for Halloween crafts that are both fun AND yummy, these spider cookies are the best option for you! For supplies, you’ll need Oreo cookies, pretzel sticks, white icing, and M&Ms. Get your little ghouls together and clear the table of everything other than your spider-making supplies.

First, you’ll want to break four pretzel sticks into 8 smaller, equal pieces. These will be the legs of your spider, so arrange them around the Oreo cookie as spindly little legs. Next, put two small white spots to be the base for the eyes. Finally, put two M&Ms on top of the white icing to represent the big, spidery irises.

These snacks are fun, silly, and super yummy, so it’s the perfect activity for the whole family!

Spooky Halloween Rock Magnets

Want more fun, creative Halloween crafts that help encourage kids to use their imaginations and make crafts that they can go back to for future Halloweens to come? Spooky Halloween rock magnets are the way to go!

All you need for this craft are some smooth stones, paint, super glue, and magnet backs. Get out the canvas and the raggedy t-shirts for the kids and let them have fun painting silly ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and pumpkins on the rocks. Clean up the mess while you let the stones dry. Once they’re good to go, hot glue a small, square magnet on the back of the stone.

Once the glue dries, put your spooky stones up on the fridge and use them as adorable decorations to show your family’s Halloween spirit!

Do you know of more fun, silly, and spooky Halloween crafts that the whole family will love to make? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I absolutely love doing these kinds of crafts with my granddaughters. I am not that great at it but we have lots of fun and that is all that matters. Time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

  2. i made the cookie with my kids an we had a ball. gave out the leftovers to trick or treaters. it was great

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