A Random Act of Kindness

A Random Act of Kindness

Draven Jackson
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As Princess Diana once said, “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” And what better way to follow this wisdom than by celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th?

The definition for a random act of kindness is “a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.” It is an action that comes with no expectation for a reward, simply done to make someone else’s day a little brighter.

So, this February 17th, I want to challenge all our readers to participate in National Random Acts of Kindness Day by doing at least one of the kind things on this list. You’re also welcome to come up with your own kind ideas!

Pay It Forward

 A Random Act of Kindness One of the best ways to brighten someone’s day with a random act of kindness is to pay it forward. Whether it’s leaving money at a vending machine for the next person who comes along, paying for the food of the person behind you in a drive-thru, or buying a pair of movie tickets for the young couple waiting to enter the theater, there are plenty of ways to “pay it forward.”

You can also pay it forward by buying lunch for your friends or colleagues, or even bringing a round of coffee to the workers at a store or restaurant you frequent! It’s completely up to you how you want to provide this kindness to the people around you, but whatever you decide, it’s sure to make someone’s day!

Volunteer for a Worthy Cause

One great random act of kindness is simply volunteering for a worthy cause. You can provide assistance at your local animal shelter, spend time with the elderly at a nearby care home, or help out with the city’s food drive. Plenty of organizations are looking for help from volunteers, so this is the perfect chance to do something kind without the expectation of reward.

Some volunteering opportunities can even be a lot of fun, like running in a local 5K where the proceeds are donated to help a good cause. You could even bake your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies and participate in a fundraiser for charity! There are so many opportunities to volunteer, so you’re sure to find a great way for you and your family to help.

Buy Flowers to Give to Strangers

Everyone loves flowers! Another easy random act of kindness is to buy a bouquet or two of flowers from a local nursery and hand them out to strangers throughout the day. It will be an unexpected surprise that is sure to brighten their day and bring a smile to their faces.

Not to mention, all flowers have a special meaning, so you can also send a message of kindness and good fortune with your random act of kindness! Bluebells represent care and warmth, and cosmos are said to mean “joy in love and life.” One of my personal favorite flowers, daisies are great gifts to give out as a little pick-me-up because they represent innocence and hope.

Compliment Everyone You See

One of the absolute easiest ways to participate in National Random Acts of Kindness Day is by spreading the kindness of compliments. In my life, I’ve yet to meet anyone who did not appreciate a well-thought-out compliment. People put a lot of effort into the way they present themselves, how hard they work, their knowledge of their interests, and even the way they speak.

Giving someone a compliment lets them know that you noticed them. It could be something as small as telling a stranger on the street that you liked their bag, or as large as complimenting a coworker on how well they did on a recent project. Try to spend National Random Acts of Kindness Day giving out compliments – they’re completely free for you and are sure to make someone else happier than you may realize.

Allow Someone to Cut in Front of You

This may seem like a silly thing to incorporate on a list of random acts of kindness, but hear me out: a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be anything large or flashy – sometimes our smallest actions can be the most appreciated.

Imagine you’re standing in a long line running late for a meeting, but you also need to grab your child’s medicine from the Target pharmacy. You’re worried that you’re not going to make it to work on time, but then the person in front of you sees you’re in a hurry and allows you to cut in line before them. Doesn’t this small action relieve you a little of the stress weighing you down?

Here’s another scenario: you’re trying to pick up your child from school, but the line for the car pickup is incredibly long and you’re having trouble getting in since you’re sitting stuck at the junction between a side street and the long assembly of cars. One of the parents in front of you stops moving forward long enough to let you in, and you’re able to enter the pickup line. Now, don’t you feel a bit less anxious?

Not all kindnesses have to be obvious to still be meaningful.

Hand Out Treats to All the Dogs You Meet

Puppy dogs deserve kindness, too! Another great way to spread a random act of kindness to the world around you is to buy dog treats to hand out to all the lovely pets you pass during your day (assuming that their owners are okay with accepting the treats on their behalf). Not only will you make these little critters happy, but you’re sure to bring a smile to the faces of their family!

Make an Affirming Gift for a Friend

Not all random acts of kindness have to be saved only for strangers – sometimes sharing your kindness with a friend can also help brighten up the world. For this Random Acts of Kindness Day, make a flip book or index-card set of affirmations to give to your friend. Fill it with all the ways they are wonderful, amazing, and brighten your life, and give it to them as a reminder that they are loved.

If a flip book isn’t your thing, a small picture or painting is also a great way to spread your affirmations to the people you care about. Simply reminding them that they are not alone and that they are kind, considerate, and worthy will do more good than you can ever imagine.

Bring Donuts or Desserts for Your Coworkers

We all love snacks and sweet treats, and your coworkers are sure to appreciate a random act of kindness that’s just a little extra sweet this February 17th! For Random Acts of Kindness Day, buy donuts, desserts, or candy to bring to your office and share with your colleagues. Not only will they appreciate you thinking about them, but the sweet treats are also sure to make them smile a little brighter.

Do you know of other ways we can spread love and hope through a random act of kindness? Tell us in the comments!

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16 Comments on “A Random Act of Kindness”

  1. i a;ways do kindness for others because it makes me feel good inside to do it..i love to make crafts and give them out ..or take someone to lunch since im disabled and stuck at home all the time.love all the ideas in the story above

  2. It’s nice to have your kids see you do random acts for strangers, that you hope one day will have them doing the Same. It’s nice to be nice to others

  3. I love all of these ideas! As a first time mom I am always looking for ways to teach my daughter to be a kind human starting at a young age.

  4. Always make sure you’re kind to people because you never know what others are going through. Thankyou for this thoughtful post brightened my thursday morning. Also that’s what I try to tell people to be kind without expecting anything in return. Doing it out of the goodness of your heart.

  5. I absolutely love all these ideas for random acts of kindness!
    I’m actually that person that could talk to almost literally anyone they see in the store at the gas station whatever My husband just usually walks away cuz he’s like don’t drag me into this because I will compliment someone on their hair their skin lol I just like to give random compliments to people because I kind of go through a lot of anxiety and depression and I feel like you know there’s probably more people out there that just fake it till they make it so they could probably use a compliment or enjoy a compliment.
    I also like to make things for people like that’s my love language I either like to feed my husband’s brother if I’m making something for dinner I will text or call him and ask him if he wants me to drop off some soup or kielbasa and vegetables that I’ve made, we’re cookies or rice pudding.
    My financial situation doesn’t allow for me to buy coffee or donuts or buy someone lunch but I do make handcrafted gifts for people My late mother-in-law used to love my homemade gifts She was the biggest supporter not everyone likes homemade crafts so there’s only a few people that I make handmade crafts like a wine bottle of light or a beaded bracelet.
    And every morning when I’m taking care of my nephew before taking to school I empty out all my sister-in-law’s ice cubes from her tray and put it in a big plastic bowl, did I put in her freezer She has about four ice cube trays so each day make sure that the ice cube trays are all refilled and that the bowl is full so when she gets home after work she can have one of her cocktails and just relax after a long day. And sometimes I’ll take her recycling out for her.
    Sometimes a person can be having a really bad day and any kind of small random active kindness can really turn it around. And when I’m going through my own anxiety and depression sometimes preoccupying myself by doing something for other people distracts me from my sadness

    1. These are great ways to promotw acts of kindness. I actually do a lot of them, but now I have even more ways!! I always say kindness is free❤️

  6. Trying to find myself and learning to be kind in the process. After 41 years in a trauma marriage

  7. Sometimes just smiling or having an open pleasant look on your face does wonders for those around you who are stressed and there is nothing anyone can do other than to remain calm and smile. It helps you and everyone around you.

  8. I have always been the type of girl to do random acts of kindness and pay it forward to others ❤️ I have even been teaching it to my children as well.

  9. I think random.acts of kindness are the best because unplanned happiness is the best🥰🥰

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