10 Creative DIY Children’s Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is right around the corner, so as we’re all busy decorating pumpkins and making our spaces extra spooky, let’s not forget about the costumes! Incase the selection at your local stores are making you snore, or you’re opting for a more budget-friendly holiday, we have some great ideas from around the internet for your kids’ trick-or-treating gear!

1. Cow Costume

Has a farm animal ever looked so cute? With this adorable cow costume for your littlest trick-or-treater, you’re sure to get a few smiles. How funny are those bottle nipple udders?

2. Mini Divers

This is one impressive costume! Turn your children into mini divers using recyclable materials.

3. Unicorn Costume

If your daughter is as obsessed with unicorns as mine is, she’s sure to love having a rainbow mane and tail like this one. With some hot glue, felt, and gold ribbon, she’ll be prancing around in no time!

4. Bubble Baths

It’s true, moms love bubble baths. Add some balloons and a rubber duckie to your sweethearts and voila! You’ve got a bubbly, adorable costume. We can almost guarantee you won’t run into another bubble bath on your route!

5. Peter Pan’s Shadow

We’ve all seen many Peter Pan costumes over the years, but how many Peter Pan’s Shadow costumes have you seen? Get some smiles and remarks on how clever you are with this easy, all-black outfit.

6. Snail

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a snail on Halloween, but after catching a glimpse of this DIY costume, I’m not sure I can resist trying it myself. Points for originality- and look at those antennae!

7. Nursery Rhyme

Have triplets, or two little buddies for your baby? Why not try this take on a famous nursery rhyme? After all, who can resist babies in sunglasses?

8. Donut Costume

This costume is sure to make you hungry! Even sweeter than your candy bowl, check out this donut costume idea, using an inner tube and velcro hair curlers.

9. Cotton Candy

I’m sensing a pattern here- sweet treats are popular this year. If donuts aren’t your thing, maybe a poof of cotton candy is more your speed. Using pillow fill and spray paint, fluff your child up as one of their favorite carnival sweets.

10. Crazy Cat Lady

Last but not least and sure to get some giggles, try this crazy cat lady costume. Grab all of the kitties you can find (some beanie babies should do the trick!) and attach them to the comfiest robe you can find. Add hair curlers, some accessories and hair spray paint and you’ve got a humorous take on a Halloween costume.


We would love to see pictures of your little ones on Halloween, whether you attempt any of these ideas or do something else fun! Feel free to share on our page or in the comments section.



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  1. How fun! I’ve been wanting to do the crazy cat lady one—maybe kiddo 4 will be a go for that costume :)

  2. oh my gosh i love these!!! the crazy cat lady, scuba diver and bubble bath costumes are my favorite. so clever

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