10 Amusement Park Safety Tips

10 Amusement Park Safety Tips

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For many of its spring break time, and parents and kids alike are looking forward to summer arriving soon. Kids everywhere will be itching to go to an amusement park, where cotton candy and stomach-twisting rides abound.  No matter how fun those parks can be, there are a few safety concerns every parent should evaluate before making the financial commitment and loading the car to their favorite amusement park destination.

1. Designate a place to meet if you get separated from your child.  Make sure your child knows exactly where this place is. Visit it together, and make sure your child knows what the parks employees look like in case he or she needs assistance.

2. If a child is scared of a certain ride don’t force him/her to go on it.  Many injuries happen due to children trying to exit the ride or riding it improperly.

3. Bring water and treats to keep hydrated and hungry tummies at bay.

4. Choose rides that are ideal for your child’s height and weight.  Don’t cheat the system—these guides are there for a reason.

5. Make sure you know exactly what your child is wearing and his/her height and weight. Have a picture of your child handy to show others just in case you do get separated. Cell phones make it easy to take a quick picture before the fun begins so you have a current picture on you.

6. SUNSCREEN!!!! And try to pack an extra towel and/or clothes in case someone gets wet—which is bound to happen.

7. Have children, especially small children, wear things like a whistle to draw attention to themselves if the need arises.

8. Never ask a child to wait for you while you ride a ride without them.  There are too many things that could happen and that one ride isn’t worth the risk.  Always make sure there is an adult who can stay with a child.

9. Make sure the rules to every ride are understood—especially where to keep hands and feet.

10. Most of all, trust your instincts.  If you’re unsure—don’t do it! It’s always better to be too cautious than regret a bad decision.

Now that you’ve planned ahead and thought about your family’s safety, you’re ready to go! So go ahead. Pack up the car, grab your cash (you’re gonna need it!), and have a blast at those amusement parks!

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  1. Children are fearless most times and it is essential that boundries be set when at an amusement park. It only takes a blink of an eye and they can be out of sight

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