Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Valentine's Day Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Draven Jackson
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Valentine's Day is the time for spreading love, eating chocolate, and finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for all your favorite people! With hearts all around and happiness in the air, how can you not love this beautiful holiday?

But Valentine's Day isn't just for couples and the hopeless romantics searching for love - it's the perfect opportunity to show everyone in your life, even your friends and family, that you're grateful to have them.

So if you're searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts to show your little ones how much love they've brought into your life this year, then look no further because we have some amazing, award-winning options that are perfect for you!

Award-Winning Children's book — Snuggle pup

Snuggle Pup
Written by Marisa Johnston and Christian Lester

“Snuggle Pup: A Book About Feelings" is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to give your little one this year. Snuggle Pup is a dog with feelings, just like you and me, and throughout the book he learns that feelings aren't bad or good, simply comfortable and uncomfortable. As you and your little one read about how Snuggle Pup learns to embrace all of his feelings, your child too can understand the importance of welcoming all kinds of emotions and giving themselves the time and space to feel them. Plus, the book comes with a soft, fuzzy Snuggle Pup of its own that's filled with colorful feeling hearts. Your child is sure to love this amazing book and their new fuzzy friend!

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If your child enjoys crafts and getting creative, then "StickTogether" is an amazing gift to include in their Valentine's Day gift basket! StickTogether has a variety of fantastic mosaic sticker puzzle posters for you and your child to choose from, including subjects like art, animals, pirates, spaceships, sunflowers, seasonal options ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), and famous masterpieces (Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring). This is an exciting way to get the whole family crafting as everyone "sticks together" to create an inspiring masterpiece. 

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Award-Winning Children's book — StickTogether
Award-Winning Children's book — Andi's Valentine Tree

Andi's Valentine Tree
Written by Once Upon a Dance

"Andi's Valentine Tree" is another fun installment in the "Once Upon a Dance" series that not only gets your child reading, but dancing as well! In this story, Andi loves ballet and their friends at the studio, but school is a different story. A cute squirrel named Lou and an incredible tree provide much-needed comfort to Andis life, which only gets better when something magical happens - but you'll have to read to find out more! Ballerina Konora is pictured throughout the book to show young readers dance positions and suggestions for movement exploration. Also, Andi is gender-neutral so boys, girls, and nonbinary readers will relate to this inspiring story!

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A Flower in Her Heart
Written by Carrie Schmitt

“A Flower in Her Heart: The True Story of an Artist Who Bloomed" is an amazing Valentine's Day gift for your little ones and a true story that will inspire readers of all ages! Carrie Schmitt loved to paint flowers as a child, but as she grew up, she stops painting. Over time, she became bedridden with a strange allergy to heat, and when her heart tells her to paint again, she listens. The rekindling of her love of painting leads her to become an artist with a pink school bus that shares her joyful colors with the world. This story reminds us that when we listen to our hards, we can turn any situation into a beautiful work of art! 

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Award-Winning Children's book — A flower in her heart
Award-Winning Children's book — Rainbocorns

Created by Zuru

"Rainbocorns" are fun, adorable Valentine's Day gifts for all the unicorn lovers in your life. Rainbocorns are magical because every Rainbocorn hatches from its own bright mystery egg and has a unique reversible sequin heart that reveals a colorful surprise when swiped They also have a fluffy, bright unicorn mane, sparkly horns, and butterfly wings that add even more magic to every cute friend. Not to mention, each Rainbocorn even has its own little baby Boo-Boocorn, a tiny collectible hiding in a little egg. This gift is colorful, magical, and full of surprises, so your little ones are sure to love collecting all 12 Rainbocorns!

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Molly - A Love Story
Written by Dana Brackob

A perfect book for young readers, "Molly - A Love Story" is a cute, true story about an adorable little Pit Bull who is lost and alone in the world until one day she is rescued and given a home! Not your typical love story, "Molly" teaches readers about the unconditional love that a dog can bring into the lives of its family. Molly suffers many hardships throughout the story, but this puppy's journey proves that true love really can conquer all. Also, proceeds for this book go to an amazing cause - a portion of the sale of each copy of "Molly – A Love Story" is donated to support animal shelters in the Las Vegas area and help other lovable animals just like Molly!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Molly - A Love Story
Award-Winning Children's book — I love you all the time

I Love You All the Time
Written by Deborah Farmer Kris

"I Love You All the Time" is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your little ones because it's a beautiful reminder that they are loved and lovable no matter what happens in life. This story offers beautiful affirmations to your little ones that we all need to hear sometimes, encouraging them to develop confidence, resilience, and emotional agility through your kind words and unwavering love. "I Love You All the Time" helps to strengthen the relationship between children and their caregivers by addressing the common childhood fear: Am I loved all the time? With this inspiring story, young readers will learn that they are deserving of love through life's ups and downs and show them all the ways they're supported as they continue to grow and learn.

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I Love You As Much And More Than This
Written by RM Rozman

"I Love You As Much and More Than This" is an adorable story that guarantees hugs after you read the last page! You and your child will read about the journey of a little Yorkie named Squirt. This puppy has the biggest heart, and "I Love You As Much and More Than This" is an amazing way to tell your young reader just how much you love them in creative ways as you follow along with Squirt's adventures. Combining an endearing message of love with colorful illustrations and fun rhymes, there is no better way to tell your little ones that they are loved than with this award-winning children's story. 

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Award-Winning Children's book — I Love You As Much And More Than This
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