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Alex Lysak

Alex Lysak

Top 10 Remote Jobs in 2022Many people find it better to work remotely due to their convenience and flexibility. An exhilarating range of careers is open for individuals of all experience levels who want to Find Remote Jobs. According to data by Scanteam, remote work opportunities have doubled during the pandemic and are continuing to grow.

One of the major examples of growth in remote jobs can be seen in the Tech sector. Since the pandemic, the world has been forced to shift from offline to online, there has been an increase in remote job opportunities in the various sectors.

Some of the remote workers, such as freelancers, like being able to set their own timetables, while others choose to receive a salary and benefits from an employer while working away from the office.
Best Remote Jobs That You Can Pursue In 2022

1. Website Developer

This is one of the most lucrative Remote jobs in 2022 which is highly in demand. At present, many people are trying to get started with their own online business and they want to have a useful website to be developed for the same.

So if you know how to code and other IT skills then this would be a wonderful remote position for you. In case you are not very proficient in coding or a newbie to these kinds of jobs then there are a ton of programs and websites where you can learn these skills to become a website developer.

2. Website Designer

If you are interested in various types of websites but you don’t want to learn coding and corresponding skills then you can definitely go for a website designer by designing websites without learning the skills about how to code.

If you learn to code then it will be much simpler but it is not necessary for you to learn the skill of coding in order to design websites.

3. Graphic Designer

If you are curious about designing digitally and you are good with art and creating impressive projects then this would be the most suitable remote job. Graphic Designers are very high in demand in the market. For a graphic designer, this is a very wide area of work.

You can design a logo, create graphics for magazines, and you can also help social media firms with designing their brand. There is a lot to learn and decipher and you can explore many additional things within graphic designing.

You can peek into it and determine what types of things you enjoy designing online and find the perfect clients and firms you want to work for. You can also choose freelance in case you don’t want to do a full-time job.

4. Social Media Marketing

This is very wide and immense because social media has become the primary source of communication. If you are good at handling your social media and enjoy spending time on Instagram, Facebook, creating stories, editing photos, designing good aesthetics for Instagram feed, or if you know how to work with Pinterest in an effective way then this might be your dream job.

5. Photo Editor/Video Editor

Social media brands like Youtube, Instagram, etc. need people to create content for them. They expect individuals to edit the photos and videos and upload them to their platforms so they can have a constant supply of content and help them with their brand.

Some people are so busy just creating their videos that they do not have time to edit them, hence they require other people in order to edit their content.

According to our expert Michelle Thomas, companies also require individuals who would make snippet videos that you might see scrolling through Instagram or Facebook explaining about a product or brand. If you know how to edit photos for Instagram or add graphics to a different photo, you might be suitable for this type of remote job.

6. Translation

If you are proficient in more than one language, then you should take advantage of it. There are many people now who want their content to be translated in order to increase their sales. Using your translation skills, you can make a lot of money.

Translation is an immensely needed skill today so look into possibilities for translation. This can prove to be a great virtual job that you could do anywhere around the world. You don’t need any particular experience for this job.

7. Transcription

There are numerous companies that are translating various audio, videos into text, perhaps companies need it for blogs, Microsoft documents where one can listen to an audio or video and then it can be typed out for transcription. If you are good at typing and genuinely curious about it then this job is the most suitable for you.

The most lucrative method to do transcription would be to become a medical transcriptionist or a legal transcriptionist where you are functioning with those two subject areas where you will be paid a good amount.

8. Virtual Assistant

Taking phone calls for clients, responding to emails for a company or for a client, all this comes under being a virtual assistant. It can also include bookkeeping, social media, creating content, and typing documents for a firm or brand. All in all, it could be anything for which a company is willing to hire.

Every firm whether it is small or big requires assistance with administrative tasks, documenting emails, customer service, day-to-day office works that are possible to be fulfilled virtually.

The best part of this kind of remote job is that you do not require any experience, still, you are paid a good amount. If you have the slightest of clerical or administrative aptitudes this is one of the best-suited jobs for you.

9. Ads Specialist

Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram all of these businesses are all looking for individuals that can assist them in creating ads for them and running them as well. Google Ad specialist is something more widespread in current times because Facebook ads specialists have been very much in the sights of everybody in the last few years.

Google ad specialists are newer as compared to the rest of them, where more firms are determining that it’s necessary to run Google ads for their firms. You can become Google Certified where you understand the method of posting google ads through google. There is also a training show on how to become a google ads specialist provided by Google itself and it is completely free.

10. Content Moderator

A content moderator primarily goes through social media pages, forums or reviews to make sure that people have been following the protocol and guidelines of the company. This is truly essential because every business requires this and every big business has a social media existence.

No business likes its brands or reputation getting stained by negativity, hate, violent comments, or trolls. So it’s very necessary that these companies block or report people who are disobeying the guidelines.

It’s the type of work that you can do from any remote location and it demands zero work experience. Every business requires people for this job to preserve their reputation which is very important in today’s world of social media.

You never know what chances are just waiting to be grabbed up by you, but it all goes back to being visible so a company knows that you are also there and what your skill sets are, what it is you are searching for and how you can support them.


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