10 Things Parents Can Do For ADHD Awareness

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10 Things Parents Can Do For ADHD Awareness10 Things Parents Can Do For ADHD Awareness
  1. Take a class with a coach that has strategies to bring out the best in you and your child.
  2. When people make fun of ADHD say, “ADHD is awesome.” or “Why would you make fun of a human being?” or “You don’t know much about ADHD, do you?”
  3. Every time someone asks, “Does your child have ADD/ADHD?” say, “Yes, but I don’t believe it’s a disorder. Some of the most creative and successful people have ADHD.” (Michael Phelps, Robin Williams, Simone Biles, and Emma Watson, and so on).
  4. Don’t apologize for your child unless he/she is destructive, disruptive (manners count), or abusive. You don’t need to apologize that your child didn’t do his/her homework, for example, or that he/she needs alone time at the family get-together.
  5. When you notice someone with a “busy” kid, like in a doctor’s office, grocery store, church or synagogue, etc. give him/her a big smile and say, “I can relate!” You will have made someone’s day!
  6. Search #Parenting and #ADHD on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and put in your two cents about parenting an ADHD child or teen. Don’t complain, just be factual according to your experience. And stay away from the “misery loves company” groups. You want solutions not a bunch of people whose negative attitude keeps you stuck.
  7. Bookmark some ADHD blogs (like this one – you can find others on Google) and forward or “like” the posts that people should know about. The more we educate, the better our children will be treated.
  8. Comment on good ADHD blog posts. The more comments, the more likely Google is to pick up the post and make it public. That means that ADHD AWESOMENESS will spread around the world!
  9. Advocate for having PTA speakers each year that know about ADHD and can debunk the myths. Most ADHD topics are relevant for all parents – focus and motivation, school success, communication, emotional regulation.
  10. Advocate for presentations for teachers – something like “What you don’t know about ADHD is what’s making you frustrated.” or “New advances in understanding and supporting children with ADHD

Share this video at your school and post it on social media so others can share it as well. It’s a thoughtful approach to teaching ADHD children and teens: “For Teachers: Helping Your ADD/ADHD Students Succeed without creating more work for you!”

***We want kids with ADHD to have the school support they need. And since I was a teacher and school counselor for 35 years and an ADHD expert, I can explain it from all different angles!


Helping ADHD families since 1984, as a teacher, school counselor, and ADHD strategist and skills-builder
“The ADHD world’s best-kept secret” (Leanne Kabat, 5 Season Life)

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Yafa Crane LuriaAbout Yafa Crane Luria

Yafa Crane Luria specializes in helping families who are new to ADD/ADHD, who are facing a new stage in ADHD parenting, or who have tried nearly everything and are still frustrated and confused by their child’s or teen’s Blocked but Brilliant brain. A true ADHD trailblazer and fierce advocate, Yafa is a 35-year veteran teacher and school counselor, a certified Positive Discipline trainer, and an award-winning author. In 2018, after decades of working with ADHD kiddos and families, Yafa designed an ADHD- and neuro-divergent brain-specific behavior program that is customizable to individual families in every way. It addresses the unique challenges of parenting a child/teen with a “Big Heart and a Noisy Brain™.”

Fun fact: Yafa’s nickname growing up was “Mountain Goat” because she climbed EVERYTHING. You can listen to Yafa’s personal ADHD story and get more information on her website: BlockedtoBrilliant.com

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10 Things Parents Can Do For ADHD Awareness

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