Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Frank Jiang

Frank Jiang MCA Interview Series Featured image

We’re very excited to give you all another interview with one of our amazing honorees, Frank Jiang! Frank Jiang is the Founder and CEO of Mintal, the company behind the MCA award-winning product, Mintal Tracker! Mintal Tracker is the perfect combination of a sleep tracker and snore recorder to help users understand their sleep habits and improve their sleep quality. Driven by AI, the app monitors and analyzes sleep stages, snoring, and apnea risks throughout the night, as well as provides detailed sleep analysis via a customized report. Keep reading to find out more about Frank and his award-winning product, Mintal Tracker! Read More

Study Shows Half of School-Aged Kids Are Sleep-Deprived

Turns out that most families are in the same boat you are, but are less successful in getting their kids the sleep they need before school. A new study that pulled from 2016-2017 data from the National Survey of Children’s Health revealed that only 47.6% of school-aged children are getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep on weeknights.  Read More

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Infant’s Sleep Quality

Infants sleep quality

Adequate sleep is essential to a baby’s growth and development. During the first few months, some infants tend to be irritable and have a hard time sleeping through the night. Here are a couple of ways that can help your little one rest better. Read More