Giveaway: Mintal Tracker Premium Membership (One-Month)

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We are giving away a one-month premium membership to the award-winning app, “Mintal Tracker,” by Mintal to 10 lucky winners!

About the App:

Being a mom can be exhausting. You often put your kids first and forget to take care of yourself — you only get to rest once your kids are asleep! As a mom, you’re tuned into how your kids sleep, but how much do you know about your own sleep?

This is where the Mintal Tracker app comes in — it’s the perfect combination of a sleep tracker and snore recorder to help you understand your sleep habits and improve sleep quality.

Driven by AI, the app monitors and analyzes sleep stages, snoring and apnea risks throughout the night, as well as provides detailed sleep analysis via a customized report.

Mintal Tracker allows you to:

  • Record your sleep sounds (including snoring and sleep talking): The app records your snoring and sleep talking during the night, so you can understand your snoring patterns and play back anything creative or funny you may say while asleep. The app also offers ambient sounds, including white noise, falling rain and more.
  • Detect your sleep apnea risk: Using proprietary AI technology, Mintal Tracker can detect your sleep apnea risk. Mintal’s technology allows you to receive a timely alert and take preventative measures against this potential health hazard. Sleep apnea findings from the app give you a great starting place for a conversation with your doctor.
  • Receive a detailed sleep report with insightful statistics: Every morning after you wake up and stop tracking, a report will automatically generate, offering an overview of your sleep, recordings of your snoring and sleep talking, your sleep apnea risk level, a daily sleep suggestion and more. With a holistic understanding of your sleep patterns, you can cultivate better sleep habits.
  • Set a smart alarm: For those who are tired of blaring alarms that yank you out of your dreams, Mintal Tracker offers a smart alarm clock that gently wakes you up at your lightest sleep stage in your selected time range. Making mornings even better, the app also offers a wide selection of soothing alarm sounds.
  • Follow a personalized sleep improvement plan: Customized to match your sleep goals and challenges, Mintal Tracker provides you with a personalized and actionable sleep improvement plan to follow daily, helping you maximize your sleep quality.
  • Playback rich audio/video content: The app offers 500+ audio and video content tracks, ranging from meditation, white noise, and self-affirmation, to snoring reduction exercises and more.

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Giveaway: Mintal Tracker Premium Membership (One-Month)

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Entry for this giveaway will close on December 30, 2022 at noon EST.

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