Giveaway: Pok Pok App – One-Year Free Subscription

We’re giving away a one-year subscription for the award-winning Montessori-inspired app “Pok Pok” to 2 lucky winners! About the App: Pok Pok is an award-winning app for calming and educational digital toys for ages 2-7. The collection of toys sparks learning through open-ended play and is inspired by Montessori principles. Instead of overstimulating kids to keep their attention, Pok Pok’s animations and sounds are handmade for a gentler screen time … Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Esther Huybreghts & Melissa Cash

Today we’ll be talking to the creators/developers of the Apple Design Award-winning Pok Pok | Montessori Preschool App. This innovatively designed app—a stimulating digital playground that parents don’t have to mute in a restaurant—redefines the way kids ages 2-7 learn and play on devices. All Pok Pok toys are designed to spark creativity, problem-solving, imagination, and learning through open-ended play. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Mariana Bissonnette

Mariana Bissonnette MCA Interview Series Featured image

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Today we’re sharing another post in our interview series where we talk to the creators and writers behind some of our favorite products and books. For this interview, we were lucky enough to chat with Mariana Bissonnette, the author behind the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book, Babies Build Toddlers! Babies Build Toddlers is a unique parenting book with an innovative illustrative approach that makes child development information both accessible and actionable for everyday readers. Author, Mariana Bissonnette tells the powerful story of the child during their most essential stage of development: infancy. Keep reading to find out more about Mariana and her MCA award-winning book, Babies Build Toddlers! Read More