Giveaway: Deluxe Learning Kit by Marbotic

Giveaway Deluxe Learning Kit by Marbotic

With this special giveaway, we want to offer you the chance to win Marbotic’s Deluxe Learning Kit! Get ready to introduce your kids to early math and literacy concepts at home. This award-winning learning kit enables your child to learn how to read and count with ease. It contains 26 wooden lowercase letters and 10 numbers that are usable with our 7 free educational apps.

These kid’s educational toys are an excellent resource for parents looking to homeschool their children. They follow the Montessori principles and encourage independent learning.

A $129.00 value!

About the kit:

Sensible period for language starts at the age of 3 according to Maria Montessori: have you notice that your kid is getting more and more curious about letters, reading and basic math? It’s the perfect time to discover the Deluxe Learning Kit and introduce them to the magic of Marbotic!

For children aged 3 to 8 years old, this kit contains 26 wooden letters and 10 wooden units: everything your kids need to learn how to read and count! The tablet becomes a very powerful educational tool and detects the wooden pieces thanks to the static electricity naturally present in our bodies! No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection needed.

Created with passion by edtech lovers, the 7 educative apps of this kit are inspired by Montessori and designed with kids in mind. With open-ended activities and sandbox spaces, they can play freely and experiment by themselves. Kids are active and interact with the screen. Kids explore, grow and learn while having fun!

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Giveaway: Deluxe Learning Kit by Marbotic

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  1. The girls would love this type of activity. Going to school , Kindergarden, has sparked their thirst for learning

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