Giveaway! LEGO Creator Turbo Quad Set!

LEGO Creator Turbo Quad Giveaway

That’s right! We’re giving away this LEGO Creator Turbo Quad set to one of our lucky blog readers! Enter for your chance to win using the widget below.

LEGO Creator Turbo Quad Giveaway

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About the Prize
  • Features working steering, rear suspension, chunky tires, detailed engine and headlights
  • Steer clear of off-road obstacles; Cruise over bumpy terrain with the chunky tires and rear suspension
  • Turbo Quad measures over 3″ (10cm) high, 6″ (16cm) long and 3″ (10cm) wide
  • Monster truck measures over 4″ (12cm) high, 5″ (13cm) long and 3″ (10cm) wide
  • Buggy measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 6″ (17cm) long and 3″ (10cm) wide






38 Comments on “Giveaway! LEGO Creator Turbo Quad Set!”

    1. Happy Birthday to your son, Janette! Thanks for visiting our blog and for entering.

  1. This looks like a great product, I know Lego has a wonderful reputation (there is a reason its been around for so long and is considered a classic). My boys have always loved Lego and can spend hours playing.

  2. This looks so fun, my daughters love Legos, they are really getting better at following directions and doing these build themselves. This Lego quad set looks super fun! Thanks for the chance!

  3. I am a newly single mom of 3 boys and 1 girl, entertaining them seems to be my only job right now

    1. That must be challenging and rewarding, Elise. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  4. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! My son loves playing legos. He loves creating things from his own imagination and instructions.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! My girls love their Legos! My daughter that turns seven tomorrow loves Ninjago and creator sets that you can build multiple items within the same set. My almost 9-year-old daughter loves Jurassic World and Star Wars. But honestly, I think they would have every Lego set in the store if they could LOL

  6. My kids love the Lego Creator kits. I like the fact that you can build 3 different vehicles. I don’t think I have seen a four wheeler Lego creator yet either. I think both of my children would really enjoy this!

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