Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Well, here we are with days to go and no costumes chosen yet. Here are some awesome last-minute Halloween costume ideas for all different ages!

For Babies

This cute burrito needs only red and green paper and a tortilla-colored cloth for swaddling. I imagine some aluminum foil wrapped around the bottom half would be cute, too!

More cute ideas (like a sack of potatoes or a circus strongman!) here and here.

For Toddlers

Get your hot glue gun and some pillow stuffing for this last-minute lamb costume! So cute and simple and seems easy to do.


Check out these other cute ideas like Man in the Yellow Hat, Lego Indiana Jones, and a Pinata!

For Older Kids

This easy DIY instagram board means you don’t really need a costume, just yourself and some funny faces!


Other fun ideas like a sushi costume, and cotton candy!

Family Costumes

If you’re going trick-or-treating as a family this year, we love these two ideas! Going as a royal family or as characters from Cinderella! So easy and cute!



More family ideas like S’mores Ingredients and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Hope these links help you come up with some last-minute costumes for your kids or yourself! Got an idea for a last-minute Halloween costume? Share it in the comments!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

This post was originally posted on the now-defunct Mom’s Choice Matters blog on 10/28/15.

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  1. The burrito costume is so adorable. I like that these are easy to do at the last minute. Perfect my household.

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