Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Kevin Chan & Kayti Hylden

Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Today we’re delighted to speak with Kevin Chan, CEO of Doll Fun Toys, and Kayti Hylden, the company’s vice president of sales. Their recent Mom’s Choice Award is for their College Girl line, aimed at girls aged 5–10 and for collectors, as well. This ethnically diverse collection not only comes with beautifully designed outfits and accessories, but the dolls’ individual stories will encourage children to explore life’s possibilities and the world around them.

MCA: Kayti, please start the interview off by telling us about yourself and your role with Doll Fun Toys.

As the VP of Sales, I have spent the majority of my career in the retail industry. As a Target alumna, I have an extensive retail background that includes Merchandising and Licensing in Toys, Marketing in Entertainment, and Sourcing as a Product Manager in Pets. I joined Dollfun in 2021.

MCA: Kevin, why don’t you tell us about the creation of the company?

As the CEO, I founded Dollfun back in 2018, with the goal of creating a line of racially inclusive dolls that my three young daughters could use as inspiration, and build upon strong educational values, and to show that life has no boundaries. My vision was to ensure that all children knew that they should dream big and imagine all the possibilities that life has to offer.

MCA: Are there social and developmental advantages to girls engaging in doll play, Kayti?

Yes. It has been shown that all children who play with dolls have increased empathy, which is so important in today’s society. Our name is actually an acronym based on what Kevin’s vision is.

D – Dolls

O – Obtain

L – Learning

L – Love

F – Friendship

U – Understanding (and)

N – Nurturing

We continue to live this philosophy in our other 18” doll lines, which include Career Girls and Girls Around the World.

MCA: Kevin, what needs were you trying to fill when you created these dolls?

We were interested in creating a more diverse, affordable line of dolls that showed a unique stage of life concept that inspired children to continue their education, while gaining empathy. Our College Girl line continues on to a Career Girls line, which allows the story to continue. It shows what is possible with hard work, dedication and a dream.

MCA: Tell us about the research that went behind the product’s unique features, and describe these features.

Our sculpts are authentic and diverse. We did quite a bit of research on face symmetry, so we know what is appealing to the human eye, but what also connects with children in terms of beauty, both inside and out. We developed our products with inspiration and happiness in mind. To us, that is the ultimate smile.

MCA: Kayti, what kind of feedback have you received about your dolls?

We have a robust business on Amazon for all our collections, including College Girls, Career Girls, and Girls Around the World. All of our ratings have been 5 stars.

MCA: Who tends to express an interest in your dolls?

We appeal to a wide range of consumers. Our fans start from age 5 and continue up to collectors. Our dolls have multiple play factors that include the ability to sit and pose, have removable clothing, restylable hair, and accessories that have working features. Our dolls are displayed beautifully in our informative packaging.

MCA: Kevin, please tell us what’s next for you and your products?

Minis! We already have several stylish lines, and know that this trend will continue.

MCA: With Doll Fun Toys having such a terrific reputation for quality, inspiring creations, we look forward to seeing what you come up with next! Our very best to you, Kevin and Kayti—and thanks again for joining us today!

You can learn more about Kevin Chan and Kayti Hylden & their award-winning product, Dollfun – College Girls by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

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