Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Ms. Lijing Zhai

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

For this session, we were able to talk with Ms. Lijing Zhai, the driving force behind the FairyBaby Extra Wide Baby Gate—a product that helps keep babies and toddlers safe from household hazards. It comes in various heights and widths to accommodate a variety of home childproofing needs. All of their products reflect the company’s emphasis on safety, easy installation, quality of construction materials, and ease of use—and provide tremendous peace of mind.

MCA: Ms. Zhai, we’re delighted to have you with us today. Would you please start off the interview by telling us about yourself?

I am the CEO of FairyBaby, a company that has grown from my personal journey as a mother of two wonderful sons. My experiences as a parent and my deep concern for their safety and well-being were the driving forces behind the creation of our childproofing solutions.

Beyond my role at FairyBaby, I enjoy spending quality time with my family. As a mother, my greatest joy comes from watching my children grow and thrive in a safe and loving environment.

MCA: Tell us about the creation of FairyBaby.

I founded FairyBaby with a clear mission: to provide families like mine with reliable childproofing solutions. Our journey began with a simple focus on creating high-quality baby gates, designed to keep curious toddlers safe in different areas of the home.

As we continued to develop our products, something remarkable happened. We started receiving heartwarming feedback from our customers. They shared stories like “Works perfectly for our rescue kitties,” showing us that our gates were not just for babies but also for families with pets.

What’s more, we received inquiries from individuals seeking to use our gates to prevent elderly dementia patients from wandering. These experiences opened our eyes to a broader vision.

We decided to expand our mission and create versatile, multi-functional home safety products that cater to various family scenarios. Our goal was clear: to provide solutions for households with children, homes with both children and pets, households with pets only, and even situations where unique safety barriers were needed.

In essence, the journey of FairyBaby has been about evolution and growth. We’re driven by a shared commitment to making a positive impact on a larger scale, offering safety solutions that bring peace of mind to families, whether it’s for their children, pets, or loved ones with unique care requirements.

MCA: What needs were you trying to fill when you created the FairyBaby products?

When I set out to create our baby gate products, my primary goal was clear: safety. As a mother of two lovely sons, I understood the paramount importance of keeping children safe in the home.

So, our first focus was on designing a secure and childproof locking system to ensure that little ones, ages 0 to 24 months, couldn’t open the gate on their own.

Equally important was the use of high-quality materials and thoughtful design to make the gates sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding everyday use.

We also wanted our gates to be versatile, fitting into various family environments, so we developed extension pieces.

MCA: Please tell us about the research that went behind the product’s unique features, and describe these features. For example, why you focus on pressure-mounted safety gates.

Firstly, they are incredibly easy to install. As a female entrepreneur, I wanted our products to cater to individuals who may not necessarily be DIY enthusiasts. Pressure-mounted gates offer straightforward installation, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their handyman skills, can easily set them up.

Moreover, pressure-mounted gates are wall-friendly. They don’t require drilling holes or causing damage to walls. We understand that some people live in rented spaces, and we wanted our products to be accessible to them as well, allowing them to childproof their homes without any permanent alterations.

MCA: Tell us about key benefits of FairyBaby products compared to competitors.

Our products excel in quality, utilizing meticulously chosen top-tier materials and holding certifications such as CE and CPC. That’s why we confidently offer a two-year warranty. Plus, our gates offer a wider size range than competitors, ensuring versatility and convenience for various openings.

MCA: What kind of feedback have you received about your products?

We’ve received positive feedback on our products, especially for our responsive customer service available 24/5. Customers appreciate our efforts in addressing installation, wear, replacements, and logistics concerns, enhancing overall satisfaction. Many are highly satisfied with our product quality, finding effective solutions for child and pet safety, providing hands-free convenience, and creating more personal space and time for other priorities.

MCA: Sounds like a terrific product line that can make life easier—and provide greater peace of mind—for so many people. Our sincere thanks to you for joining us today; we wish you all the best!

You can learn more about Ms. Lijing Zhai and her award-winning FairyBaby products by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

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  1. I can never find a good baby gate that works well for my boys and my pets. It also has to be easy to open for their elderly grandparents.

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