Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Lynn Calvin Plater

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Welcome to a captivating interview with a distinguished author and educator, Lynn Calvin Plater, whose literary creation, “Pentawhadda!” has brought a refreshing and interactive approach to Christian education. Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the inspiration and creative process behind this unique book.

In “Pentawhadda!,” Lynn Calvin Plater takes us on a delightful journey into Mrs. Prazer’s classroom, where Fridays are no ordinary days. The anticipation of Special Guest Friday is palpable, and on this particular occasion, the renowned Mrs. Bibel steps into the limelight. Through Lynn’s narrative prowess, we witness Mrs. Bibel’s engaging teaching methods as she unravels the profound stories within the first five books of the Bible.

Could you share with us a bit about who you are? This could include details about your background, professional journey, information about your company, and any hobbies or interests that shape your identity.

I am Lynn Calvin Plater, the proud founder and Chief Visionary Officer of CYLS-KIDS, LLC, and Christ You Live Saved-Kingdom Inspired Divine Seeds, LTD—a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to children through books and toys. In my personal life, I am happily married to my supportive husband, Antonio Plater, and am a devoted mother to three adult daughters and a grandmother to four granddaughters. Currently serving as a Kindergarten educator in Cameron, North Carolina, I find joy in both my professional and spiritual endeavors.

Actively engaged in the Manna Church community in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I lead the Teen Encouragement small group and contribute as a teacher in the Manna Kids and VIK (special needs) children’s ministry. My commitment to ministry extends to my role as a former coordinator of the Visionettes Liturgical Dance Ministry and the Ministry of Dance, as well as a former member of the Board of Christian Education. Over the years, I have also been involved in various dance ministries and have partnered with the International Liturgical Dance Fellowship of Baltimore.

As an accomplished author, I have penned books such as “I Have Two Daddies: An Earthly Daddy and A Heavenly Daddy,” “Little People Praise God Too,” and the captivating “Pentawhadda!” These works have garnered two 5-star reviews and received recognition from Reader’s Favorite Book Review Contest, Mom’s Choice Award, and Illumination Book Awards.

My love for the Lord fuels my passion for teaching children about His love. When I’m not immersed in my writing and ministry, I find solace in activities like reading, dancing, traveling, and cherishing moments with family and friends.

The inception of CYLS-KIDS in 2005 was a divine revelation from God, culminating in a dream that birthed the acronym, which stands for Christ You Live Saved Kingdom Inspired Divine Seeds. CYLS-KIDS, LLC, launched in response to my prayers, aims to be a reliable Christian source for parents, grandparents, guardians, caregivers, and teachers, providing products that inspire children to grow in their faith. Our creations, including books, accessories, and toys, cater to kids with different abilities and special needs, representing diverse cultures to help every child see themselves as important to God and encourage their growing faith.

Lynn, your journey is truly inspiring, filled with a deep commitment to both your faith and the well-being of children. The establishment of CYLS-KIDS and your role in spreading the gospel through books and toys showcase a remarkable fusion of passion and purpose. Given this rich tapestry of experiences and accomplishments, I’m curious to know: What motivated you to pen down “Pentawhadda!”? What was the spark that led you to create this engaging and interactive Christian tale for children?

I believe God inspired me to write Pentawhadda! by waking me in the wee hours in the morning to write this book.

Lynn, it’s truly fascinating to hear about the divine inspiration that led you to write “Pentawhadda!” There’s something incredibly special about those early morning moments when creativity is sparked, and it’s evident that your connection with God played a pivotal role in this process. What is the message in Pentawhadda!?

The message in Pentawhadda! is to teach children the first five books of the bible and give them a way to memorize these books in an entertaining and interactive manner. It is my hope that this book will invoke conversation between children and adults about the Bible as well as encourage them to learn the remaining books of the bible.

What are others saying about Pentawhadda!?

“Enjoyed reading the book. The story is both engaging for young readers and educating.”

“Enjoyed the book. The illustrations were beautiful and looked realistic. It will keep children engaged in the story. It is thought that children will enjoy learning what is taught in the book as this book invites participation as well.”

“Absolutely Loved This Children’s Book!” “This book provides an easy way for children to learn and say the books of the Bible. Loved the illustrations in the book. They are so welcoming for children. The realism in the characters and illustrations made this book a great read. The reviewer states after reading this book, they would like to share it with all the children they know!”

“It is strongly recommended that parents read Pentawhadda! to and with their children. This book breaks down the information about the first five books in the Bible into simple language that children can understand and enjoy. This guide provides the basis to teach children how to live their faith through a godly lifestyle. This book is a wonderful tool to assist parents in teaching their children about the Bible and how to apply the principles in daily living.

“It is very good information for children, even some adults.”

How many other books have you written?

I have written two other books. “I Have Two Daddies: An Earthly Daddy and A Heavenly Daddy” which is the story of a little girl who tells of the love she experiences through the relationships with her earthly and heavenly daddies and “Little People Praise God, Too” which is the story of a multicultural and special needs vacation church school class learning about Psalm 150 and finding out that little people can praise God too.

It’s wonderful to hear about your additional literary endeavors with “I Have Two Daddies: An Earthly Daddy and A Heavenly Daddy” and “Little People Praise God, Too.” The diversity in your storytelling, from exploring the bonds between earthly and heavenly fathers to embracing the richness of multicultural and special needs perspectives, is truly commendable. Are there any future projects in the works?

Yes, there is a song that accompanies the Pentawhadda! book entitled Pentawhadda! and it can be found on iTunes and Apple music. I am in the process of making CD’s for individuals who aren’t familiar with streaming and downloading music. There are other story titles in mind but I’m waiting for the divine downloads for these titles.

That’s so exciting! As we bring this insightful interview to a close, we would like to thank you for generously sharing your journey and the inspiring stories behind your literary creations. Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to seeing more from you in the future! Before we let you go, can you share your contact information and website for our readers?

My contact information is:

You can learn more about Lynn Calvin Plater and her award-winning book, Pentawhadda! by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

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