Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Yong Cai

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! We’re delighted to have you all join us for another interview in our ongiong series. For this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Yong Cai, CEO of Bezgar, which is the company behind the Mom’s Choice Award-winning toy, the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141. A cool, outdoor, toy grade RC car gift for boys and girls which serves as an ideal gift for the upcoming holiday season! If you are looking for an exciting and extra cool present, you will love Bezgar’s radio-controlled cars. This charming car is truly fun for the whole family! Keep reading to find out more about Yong and his award-winning product, the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141!

MCA: Hi Yong, thank you so much for joining us and a huge congratulations on your Mom’s Choice Award! Can I first start this interview Tell us about yourself! 

CEO Yong Cai with his MCA award-winning product, the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141!

CEO Yong Cai with his MCA award-winning product, the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141!

Yong: My name is Yong Cai, 34-year-old, a father of two lovely boys as well as the chief executor officer of Shenzhen Chengfeng Technology co., Ltd. (Bezgar). I acquired a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the UK. After graduation, I worked in a financial institution. During this period, I also served as the director and supervisory board of a listed company, thus I have a further understanding of the entire toy industry from the source manufacturer to the end of retail.

I’m fond of body fitness and insist on it for years. What’s more, I love to collect models and electronic products. I’m a science geek and major in Finance. That’s why I’m fascinated with data research and analysis.

The preparations for the founding of the company began in 2017, and then Bezgar branding was founded in 2018 by Shenzhen Chengfeng Technology co., Ltd. Our headquarters are based in Shenzhen, China.

Bezgar offers a wide range of hobby-grade and toy-grade remote-controlled cars such as RC buggies, RC crawlers, and monster trucks. In the past four years, we concentrate on researching and developing high-speed RC cars and providing more options and upgrade room for those RC hobbyists. Besides, we are devoted to enabling people of all ages at any skill level to get an easy start with our ready-to-run RC cars. That’s how Bezgar serves the customers.

Bezgar firmly believes that we are adhering to providing beginner-friendly high-performance RC cars for our consumers of all ages. All the customers can enjoy the sheer control pleasure with our RC cars to share happiness with their families or friends.

MCA: You’ve had quite a lot of success in your 34 years of life, that is very impressive! Shenzhen, China looks absolutely beautiful, I hope to get the chance to visit one day. Can you tell us more about how your company, Bezgar, got started?

Yong: My hometown is the center of global toy production, and there are a large number of toy factories. I found that most of the factories here are acting as a source manufacturer that produces and sells toys for other branded companies at a low price, without their own brand. Something changed when I got the opportunity to study aboard.

I found that there is a “bug” in the foreign Toy-grade RC car market. Whether in a chain supermarket or any shopping platform, radio-controlled cars are mainly sold to toddlers at a pretty young age in the supermarket. Normally, those RC cars are of bad quality and easy to be broken. On the other hand, the RC industry giants like Traxxas and Losi are targeted at specific groups who can afford this expensive hobby. As a consequence, the middle group who doesn’t like the kids’ toy cars or who cannot afford to do such an expensive hobby at the beginning are unable to find suitable beginner-friendly radio-controlled cars. I realized that people with niche hobbies are ignored by the market with no more options. Therefore, I’m determined to open the market and sell high-quality RC cars at an affordable price for this group.

More importantly, I’m also setting the leading RC brands as examples to provide better customer service and technical support for our customers, unlike their regular shopping experience for merely a return or refund. To some degree, customers can not only learn more knowledge about RC cars and acquire technical support from us, but also they will fall in love and obsessed with this new hobby while feeling the warmth of our brand.

MCA: What needs were you trying to fill when you created the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141?

Yong: Before the Bezgar TB141 RC car entered the market, I found the common failure for those RC cars and spared no efforts to improve these issues at a competitive price to improve our core competitiveness. One of the biggest issues is quality. The part “dog bone” of the RC car is easy to break during the kids’ use, thus, the life circle of the toy-grade RC car is pretty short. Moreover, the car outlook design has serious homogenization issues, which means the toy-grade RC cars are almost the same.

Therefore, based on the common shortcomings of the toy-grade RC car on the market, I address the pain points of the car to overcome quality issues and ask the manufacturer to reinforce the quality test. We require the manufacturer to carry out multiple drop tests at a 45-degree angle and 1-meter height face to the ground for one single product. At first, the manufacturer declined our requirements, because it is troublesome and no one does that. But we make it and set an RC truck quality test standard for other domestic brands.
We also add front car lights to distinguish it from other RC cars. Although it is a small change on the RC truck, it means a lot to us and provides the customers with more possibilities to explore the RC fun.

For years, we have been working on improving product quality, overcoming technical issues, and selling at a competitive price for the purpose of optimizing our Best Seller to its limits.

MCA: Tell us about the research that went behind the product’s unique features, and describe these features!

Yong: There are two unique features of our product. One is the improvement of the product’s battery, and the other is the product outlook design.
In the prevailing market, RC toys with rechargeable batteries are rare, since sellers prefer to sell products without batteries to avoid the safety problems caused by batteries. Our product comes with rechargeable batteries bursting out with greater power to crawl over obstacles and slopes. Therefore, Bezgar TB141 is more playable and covers a wider age range. Both kids and adults can play with the RC trucks together to increase parent-child interaction and develop a new hobby.

The realistic truck outlook design with bright front lights enjoys great popularity for both kids and parents. With the bright front lights, families can take it for a night camping trip or play in the park with insufficient light. There are a total of 5 colors of our RC car; red, green, blue, yellow, and pink. RC cars are not for boys only. Girls can also play with this STEM toy.

MCA: Tell us about the benefits of the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141 on a child’s development!

Yong: Bezgar toy-grade RC car is an ideal beginner car for developing the kids’ new hobby. It helps to increase parent-child interaction and keep the kids away from electronics obsession and go outdoors to practice their RC car operating skills. Since we design the RC car at moderate and kids-friendly speed, kids can exercise their motor skills, hands-on ability, and reaction. Play Bezgar RC car can bring many benefits for kids aged 4+.

MCA: What kind of feedback have you received about the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141?

CEO Yong Cai at a Bezgar team meeting.

Yong Cai at a Bezgar team meeting in Shenzhen, China.

Yong: Here are the top reviews collection from our Amazon stores:
Ease of use – Took 2 minutes to pop in the batteries, and then pair the remote with RC car, it is ready to use.

Speed – This car is pretty fast for a small RC, at least as fast as the Youtube video reviews show it to be, maybe faster. The response of the servos is very fast, so driving it at high speed requires a delicate touch when steering, but it’s easy to get the hang of after a few minutes.
Range – I have done at least 75 feet with no issues in the reception, for it advertised its range of 100 feet.

Durability – My experience was that it was very durable, and I repeatedly ran it into curbs, off curbs, from various heights, at high speed, and nothing broke or bent while I was playing with it I drove it straight into a wall at high speed, both in forward and reverse, and it came out just fine.

Power – If you are looking for power and something that will fly over a lawn, or out in the woods over small sticks and rocks.

Looks – Looks just like the one shown on the webpage, a nice-looking truck with front lights.
It was a nice way to get a feel for driving RC cars again, ( Been years for me ) so I see it kind of like a training vehicle more than anything, and for the money, it’s actually quite decent. This would be a perfect RC starter for a younger child ( I’m thinking 5-8 years of age ), and perfect for small, smooth dirt tracks, asphalt, concrete, and the like It’s also easily modded, since the construction is very simple, so just a little creativity can easily extend the value and replay attraction.

MCA: What is next for Bezgar?

Yong: We will keep insisting on our original branding positioning, the beginner-friendly entry-level RC truck for RC hobbyists. Furthermore, we are planning to research and develop more entry-level RC products ranging from RC drones, RC boats, and RC crawlers at a competitive price to meet the demands of all skill-level customers. More importantly, we also stress the significance of our customer service. To provide professional RC product technical support for our customers, not merely for exchange and return regarding product issues, we believe that customers will persevere in their RC hobby and road to the advanced RC enthusiasts from good experience of Bezgar entry-level RC products.

MCA: That is all super exciting, please be sure to keep us posted!

You can learn more about Yong Cai and his award-winning product, the Bezgar Toy-Grade RC Car TB141 by visiting his MCA Shop page.

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