Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Connie Salama

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! As we continue our ongoing interview series, we bring to you a one-on-one we had with Connie Salama, Creator, and CEO of the Award-winning SNAP Nutrients. SNAP Nutrients is a natural treatment for ADHD and other disorders including ODD, DMDD, ASD, Anxiety, mood, and behavior disorders. SNAP is created with a well-researched nutrient blend that helps stabilize moods, which calms wild minds and soothes the soul. We are excited to share with you all some more details about this amazing product, keep reading for the full interview with Connie!

MCA: Hi Connie! Thank you for joining us today and congratulations on winning a Mom’s Choice Award! ADHD is something that can affect anyone, at any age. According to a national 2016 parent survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the estimated number of children ever diagnosed with ADHD is 6.1 million (9.4%). That is a staggering number of children suffering from ADHD! That is why natural products such as SNAP Nutrients are so important for parents looking for a healthy alternative to prescription stimulants used to treat ADHD. Can we start off the interview by finding out a little bit about yourself?

SNAP Nutrients is available in liquid or capsules.

SNAP Nutrients is available in liquid or capsules.

Connie: I have always had an interest in health and wellness with a particular interest in using natural remedies and alternative treatments. My son was a very active little boy that was always up to something. I attributed his behaviors are being that of “just being a busy little boy.”

From the day he started pre-school, teachers were telling me that his behaviors were not in line with the other kids. Kindergarten and 1st-grade teachers told me the same. I wasn’t listening and thought they just wanted some perfect child to sit still, do what they wanted, etc.

At home, he was definitely a busy body and I still wrote off many of his behaviorisms as being a busy and energetic child.
In 2012-2013, he was in 2nd grade, he started getting into trouble on a daily basis. Losing recess every day, eating lunch by himself and he began to exhibit symptoms of high anxiety. Said he had no friends and he hated everyone at school. It was misery for him.

His teacher was catching me at the dropoff/pickup gate, telling me that he had something going wrong, like ADHD. Said she had quite a few others in her class that also had ADHD, they were on meds and doing much better, persuading me to get him on meds too.

She was saying all these things in his presence. When we would walk away, he would begin to ask why was she saying these things about him every day. Why am I in trouble every day, what’s wrong with me and the tears would begin to flow. She was relentless. One day, the tears were just too much. He couldn’t sleep at night over the anxiety of going to school in the morning. Being friendless at school, being called names, shunned, sidelined, and left out was taking a huge toll on him. It was very rough seeing him this way and it caused me to start looking into all the things she had been saying. Prior to my personal experience, I hadn’t heard of ADHD or behavior disorders. I was completely unaware of all that it meant until I began researching.

We visited the pediatrician and a formal diagnosis followed. The doctor was very supportive of alternative treatments and because he knew I was familiar with natural solutions, he encouraged me to explore that further. As I began looking into it all in an effort to find treatment, based on the information being found, I was determined to find a natural way to manage. I became consumed with the research and trying to find things known to help with many symptoms related to ADHD, behavior disorders such as ODD and to manage severe anxiety. Finding some psychiatric clinical trials that had been done on various conditions with exceptional results and other testing done with random nutrients, I began to order the ingredients that we would try.

I wasn’t trying to fix the world – I created this formula for ONE person – my son. He was struggling to fit in, having troubles at school, there were many problems, and something needed to be done.

The ingredients arrived. I crushed the pills and blended the mix. My son was willing to take whatever I offered as his life at school had become pure misery. He couldn’t take it anymore either. After just a few days, his teacher met me at the gate with the biggest, happiest smile I have ever seen. “I see you finally listed and got him on meds” she exclaimed. “THANK YOU” “Keep it up, it’s working, I see improvement already.”

I didn’t elaborate with her on what I actually did, we just felt good to see the teacher so happy. Little by little, my son started to change dramatically. He told me his head felt different. Said that he could now think about anything he wanted for as long as he wanted. He told me this had never been possible before because his brain was always jumping around. Now, he said he felt his brain working differently and said he liked it.

He still had some behavior issues, getting a little physically aggressive when he shouldn’t. He asked me to add a little more of what made him calmer so he wouldn’t want to fight. I said alright and made adjustments. Before long, he became a calm and happy kid. His grades soared and the behavior issues stopped, we never had another incident in school from that point forward.

MCA: That is truly amazing! We at Mom’s Choice love products that can not only help you but also products also made from all-natural ingredients. SNAP Nutrients delivers both a tremendously helpful solution to ADHD through an all-natural formula of pure nutrients, talk about a win-win! Tell us more about the creation of your company.

SNAP Nutrients logo.

SNAP Nutrients logo.

Connie: Knowing that he would always need the help, I decided to get my rough blend done properly so as to ensure that my son would always have a ready supply for the rest of his life. I hired a pharmaceutical scientist to perfect the formulation. My son would be the one to give final approval of the blend. He was a perfectionist. This was a liquid formula, it shouldn’t be gritty, nutrients shouldn’t settle to the bottom and it should mix well into his juice. After a few fails, the scientist got it right and my son said it was perfect for him.

Now we would be on to the next step which was to get it professionally bottled. I hired a pharmaceutical manufacturer to do the bottling of the product. To do this, it required me to place an order of 1000 bottles. It seemed enormous but necessary. Because the formula was doing so much to help my son, I had to be sure that it would always be available to him. Some friends and acquaintances indicated an interest in having some for their own children.

When the product bottling was finished, those friends and acquaintances started asking for it. They were very pleased with the effects of SNAP and the word started spreading, other people associated with them began asking for some too. Everyone was liking it and our pediatrician said this wasn’t something I could keep for myself. He told me that every single day he was getting asked about something to help naturally. He said this needed to be shared and I should make it available to others, so, I did.
We established the company in 2017 and from there, with an online presence, many others are now enjoying the benefits of managing troublesome symptoms from multiple disorders with our all-natural formula of pure nutrients.

MCA: You talked a lot about how your son’s ADHD and behavioral issues associated with his diagnosis lead you to create SNAP. Can you tell us more about how his needs lead you to create SNAP Nutrients?

Connie: My son was having a lot of problems in school and his teachers were talking to me about his issues and behaviors on a daily basis. They were pleading for me to get him diagnosed and medicated. When he received a formal diagnosis for ADHD, I decided to see if we could manage symptoms naturally. Our family doctor supported the idea, telling me it is always best to start naturally as prescriptions would always be there.

MCA: What sets SNAP Nutrients apart from other ADHD supplements is that it is created with an all-natural formula of pure nutrients. Tell us about the research that went behind that formula!

Connie: I did a lot of research to find what might work for managing various symptoms related to ADHD, anxiety, sensory issues, moods, anger, focus, help for memory, mental clarity, emotional regulation, and every symptom I could find which was related to ADHD and the common comorbid disorders.

Finding a few things of interest and seeing that they were effective in clinical trials, I then made a blend of the nutrients to try.
Within a couple of days, my son told me that his head was feeling differently. He elaborated to say that his brain was feeling good, said it was letting him think about whatever he wanted.

I asked what he meant by that and he told me that before, his brain was always jumping around and now it was different.
At that conversation, I knew something was happening, he ran off saying he wanted to go think about ONE thing for as long as he wanted.

During the 2nd week of trialing the mix with my son, his teacher thanked me for getting him on meds. She said it was obvious and the behavior problems were already subsiding. This was great news because we had already had several years of daily problems in school. The teacher was thrilled, I was thrilled and my son was thankful that he wasn’t losing recess.

MCA: What a rewarding story! Speaking of SNAP’s all-natural formula, what exactly is in SNAP Nutrients?

Connie: SNAP contains our well-researched blend of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients: B6, DMAE, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola, Grapeseed, L-Tyrosine, NAC, L-Taurine, Pharmaceutical Grade Means 99% Pure!

To put it simply, pharmaceutical-grade nutrients are stronger and more effective than the typical food-grade vitamins and supplements found over the counter, on many store shelves, and online.

MCA: Tell us how SNAP Nutrients can help for treating a myriad of disorders other than just ADHD.

Connie: When used as directed, our nutrients are known to promote emotional stability, enhance moods. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve social abilities, reduce anger issues, reduce intrusive thoughts, and more. This well-researched and science-based premium nutrient blend has also been shown to help with focus, attention, memory, and concentration issues.

MCA: What kind of feedback have you received about SNAP Nutrients?

Connie: Feedback has been great. The liquid formula is very popular with young children. Our capsules are going well for older children and adults. Some very young children are using capsules too. Parents are opening them and mixing the nutrients into yogurt or applesauce, finding it goes down easy that way and enjoying the effects.

Adults tell us that SNAP is doing more for them than numerous prescriptions they have tried over the years. We are pleased to see many customers who have been with us from the start, they’re now over 2 years using our formula.

Some comments:

– Grandmother purchasing for her grandson: he is 12 and tells them he can’t go without his snap
she says it has been making a wonderful difference for him. Not medicated, but dx with adhd and odd. The boy says he is feeling very different, in the best ways and the adults can see it too.


– I received SNAP on Monday and gave to my son on Wednesday. ( I checked with his Pharmacist first because he is coming off Psychotic meds). I gave 2 ml liquid on Wednesday after dinner. He slept so peacefully all nite. This morning he was a different child. He was loving, peaceful and caring about me. I was shocked that SNAP had an affect on him with just one dose. I’m loving SNAP a lot right now. I can’t wait to see future changes in him. I am so grateful for SNAP. Thank You!!!!!


I have completely stopped taking my concerta and Wellbutrin, I was maxed out on both meds. I feel so much more like myself! I am still a little squirrelly sometimes but I was when I was on all the other meds too.

Thank you again! Jessica


– Can you please send me a bunch of pamphlets? I love your product and I am a school administrator. I work often with parents who do not want to use traditional medicine and would love to give them pamphlets about your product. I have already told many parents and adults about your product. I’m pretty sure at least two are ordering soon if not already.

Thank you for your help! Jessica L


– Well done Snap again! Your making many families happy!

Private message from customers:

– Hi! Thanks for your reply! Your review reminded me so much of my son, after reading yours I was convinced to try it and I am so so glad I did!! My hubby was also sceptical and he sees the difference now. We are on week 10. Last couple weeks have actually brought good notes from school (opposed to phone calls or notes almost everyday about bad behaviour)!! So happy for you and family, I can finally relax a little more now when he is at school and we just came off a vacation that involved zero meltdowns! Stuff really does work and I am forever grateful. I will also post a review soon to help others. Thanks for sharing your story, it truly helped our family!! 😊

So happy others are getting this great product too!! Will forever sing your praises! Thank you


– I also wanted to add that my son is a slow learner and immature for his age. His ADHD is mild, mainly the fidgeting, difficulty concentrating, and being easily distracted. This supplement has worked so well I’ve taken him off his prescription medication :) On Sun, Jan 5, 2020


– Just wanted to give you an update! Since we last emailed I have been giving him only the 2 ml recommended amount and got the Omegas with EPA 750 mg. I also give him probiotics, magnesium and a multivitamin with B12 complex daily. This has been his best week ever at school!! We are actually getting good notes from his teacher all week about wonderful days, good choices and more participation! It’s a complete turn around. This is week 7 on SNAP for him. I can only assume this wonderful change is SNAP doing exactly what you say it does, we have not changed anything else. I do see his softer sweet side more now at home, way less angry outbursts and frustration. His anxiety seems to be completely gone. The peace of mind knowing he is ok at school, and not tearing the place up with angry emotions is truly golden. My only Christmas wish was that this supplement would help him at school, (I was becoming very anxious and stressed out) – and I believe it has come true!! Thank you so much for this product. We will be on vacation in California next week – I’d like to come and give everyone who made this product happen a huge hug! Lol. I will soon post a review as well as to how much this helped my son. He was on his way to being diagnosed with ADHD or something similar I am sure, the school wanted him assessed, but it looks as though this may have saved us just in time. Merry Christmas and a heartfelt thank you. Having peace back in our home is priceless and the greatest gift. I will tell many people about SNAP!



– Hello there, Happy Thanksgiving, I have been doing pretty well on the 3 capsules a day 2 in the morning and 1 later on along with barleans fish oil softgels, so far so good, I seem to be in a little bit better mood and slightly more focus so hopefully it’ll get even better with time but I’m pleased and will definately continue taking these pills every day, Thank You so very much for your prompt responses and for such a helpful product. Fri, Nov 22, 2019


– Other reviews have been posted on our page at
One thereof particular interest is a professor from the University of Cincinnati medical center. He has been using SNAP for his autistic child for more than 2 years now and told us from the start that the formula has been a godsend for his child.


We hear that SNAP is changing lives and making families happier. The things they have to say are highly emotional and heartwarming.

SNAP Nutrients description.

SNAP Nutrients description.

If I could just hand it out to everyone that needed it, that is what I would do. Everyone deserves to live in peace and harmony. So many people (children and adults) suffer from disorders. The ADHD symptoms are one thing, with the issues related to memory, focus, concentration, and the like. Behavior problems are quite another, with high anxiety, physical violence, destruction, and constant problems with fighting and rebelling in school.

Knowing that we are resolving such issues for people is humbling. We struggled hard, I know what it’s like to live a disorderly life, helping families to find peace and harmony is incredibly rewarding. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be doing this and I can tell you that it is the most meaningful work of my life. Making children fit in with the others, settling chaos in families, resolving conflict between parents, indeed, SNAP is doing all those things and it is simply fabulous to hear all the good that the formula is delivering.

As long as the ADHD, ODD, DMDD, IED, CD, RAD, RSD, SPD, Anxiety, Depression, and all the others remain untreated or undertreated, troublesome symptoms result in trouble not only for the one diagnosed with the disorder, it causes trouble for entire families and can leave the parent partners unhappy, lonely, and feeling overwhelmed by their relationship.

Here is a link from a published article.

MCA: Thank you for all of that very helpful information, Connie! It seems like SNAP Nutrients has impacted a lot of lives and is sure to improve many more! 

You can learn more about Connie Salama and her award-winning product, SNAP Nutrients by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

Interview With Connie Salama

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