Fun Journaling Prompts for Beginners

Fun Journaling Prompts for Beginners

Draven Jackson
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There are a lot of great reasons to get into journaling – it’s good for your stress levels, challenges your mind daily, and encourages you to discover new perspectives in your life and look at things in a different way. However, beginning your journaling journey can be difficult if you aren’t sure what to start writing about.

If you’re worried about how to start journaling, have no fear. Here is a list of easy, fun journaling prompts for beginners that will help you start writing daily!

What is something that always brings you joy?

One of the best journaling prompts is to write about something that always brings you joy. It can be a show, hobby, music group – it can even be a person or a part of your daily routine! Think about something that consistently makes you feel happy and that you know you can turn to when you’re having a rough time and write about it.

What is it about this thing or person that makes you feel good? How long has it brought you joy and when did you first discover it? Is it something you would recommend to someone else because anyone would love it or do you think it brings you happiness because of a specific sentimental reason?

What is a comfort food from your childhood that makes you feel safe?

Fun Journaling Prompts for BeginnersSome of the most fun journaling prompts are the ones about food – specifically comfort food. Whenever I’m feeling sick or sad, I have certain foods I always go back to that make me feel happy, comfortable, and safe. In your next journal entry, talk about a comfort food that you can always rely on to raise your spirits and make you feel warm inside.

What kind of food is it and who made it for you the first time? Is it something you can easily buy or is there a special, one-of-a-kind family recipe involved? Why do you think you’re so attached to it and is it something you’ve passed down to your own children and loved ones?

When was the last time you did something completely for yourself?

Sometimes journaling prompts offer a moment of reflection and allow you to take a second look at your life and routine. With this entry, you have to ask yourself – when was the last time you did something completely for yourself? Not as an obligation or a request from someone else, and not to fulfill your own responsibilities, but purely for yourself because you wanted to.

What did you do and what made you decide to do it? Was it an expensive treat-yourself day or just a simple act of self-care that you were really needing? Did it make you feel like you should do these small things for yourself more often, or did you feel like it was enough to get you by until the next time you found a moment for yourself?

If you had to choose one aesthetic to describe yourself with, what would it be?

A fun way to think about journaling prompts is to consider them forms of self-expression and inner reflection. They allow you to look at yourself and your life with new eyes, deep-diving into what kind of person you are in the safety of a private space that’s just for you. One fun way to do this is to think about the aesthetic that best matches your personality – this doesn’t have to be the same aesthetic you dress as; it just needs to match who you are as a person.

Are you soft cottage-core or dark and grungy? Do you feel like your energy fits with floral tones or vintage vibes? If you had to put yourself into a specific color spectrum, which ones do you think would most suit you?

What is your go-to feel-good movie?

When you’re first getting into journaling, it’s good to start with journaling prompts that are fun and easy to answer. For example, use a page in your journal to discuss your favorite feel-good movie. It can be from your childhood – a movie you always return to when you need entertaining background noise – or it can be something you discovered as you got older. Maybe it’s a mixture of both: a childhood favorite that you rediscovered as an adult that still brings you joy today.

When did you first see this movie and what did it make you feel? What kind of movie is it: animation, comedy, suspense, etc.? What is your favorite part about this movie and why do you think you can always return to it?

Discuss a song, quote, book, movie, etc. that recently moved you.

So often we discover new things in our everyday lives that affect or move us, and they stick with us for days or months to come. For the next idea for your journaling prompts, think about a song, book, movie, etc. that recently moved you and that you haven’t been able to forget about.

What is it about the song/book/movie that affected you? Did it touch on something currently happening in your life, or did the story just make you feel a plethora of emotions you weren’t expecting to experience? Is it something you think you can go back to and listen/read/watch again, or do you think one time was enough?

What is an important lesson you learned this week?

A great way to reflect on your daily life is by using journaling prompts to discuss an important lesson you recently learned. It could be something you discovered when trying to solve a problem, or simply an interesting tidbit of information that you think you are better for knowing. Talk about that lesson and how it has changed your mind and perspective.

What did you learn and how did you know it? Is it a lesson that affects your daily life or provides a solution for frustrating problems? Do you think it is a lesson everyone must learn or is it something singular to you? Why do you think it’s important to listen to life’s lessons and grow from them?

Do you have more journaling prompts that are great for beginners? Tell us in the comments!

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9 Comments on “Fun Journaling Prompts for Beginners”

  1. These are great prompts for journaling, sometimes I don’t know what to journal but these are great to get started on. I would like to try some of these. I believe it’s healthy to get your thoughts on paper.

  2. Thank you so much, I love journaling and haven’t done so in years, this is a great incentive to start again as well as teach my Grandchildren

  3. I’ve never been a journaler. It just doesn’t appeal to me yet these are good steps to give it a try.

  4. I just can’t seem to get into journaling on any consistent basis. I’ll do a few days and then it just seems to slip my mind and weeks go by before I think about it again.

  5. I’ve recently discovered journals belonging to my great aunt. It’s so interesting to read about her trying new recipes and different plants she was attempting to grow in her garden. It’s like a time portal to a simpler way of life.

  6. I sort of keep a journal but with short entries. I put down what I did, what I need to do, how my day was, doctor and vet appointments, I write down if I worked in the yard, whom I called as far as business, doctors, etc. Many years ago, I kept detailed journals, but not so much today. I find that my time is so busy as it is and by the end of the day, I am bushed.

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