Creative Ideas for a Magical First Tooth Fairy Experience

Creative Ideas for a Magical First Tooth Fairy Experience

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Losing a first tooth is a rite of passage that should be celebrated, and these days, there are plenty of ways to get creative beyond the traditional tooth-for-cash swap. We’ve rounded up some of the best grand gestures that a Tooth Fairy can make the first time around.

Tiny clues

Keep your child’s imagination active by leaving tiny glitter footprints (try using a Barbie doll shoe) in their room or sprinkle some glitter near the window sill.

Fairy dusted glitter money

When kids think of all things magical, they naturally think of glitter. Whether your child’s Tooth Fairy is leaving behind coins or bills, grab a bottle of Mod Podge Sparkle and paint a few coats over the money. Be sure to let it dry for a few hours, and wash off any evidence on your hands of glitter (I learned that lesson the hard way).

Origami bills

Channel your inner child and fold a bill into a paper airplane, heart, turtle, or even a basket to hold coins. YouTube is chock full of easy tutorials if your folding skills are a little rusty. We especially love this standing tooth shaped dollar.

Tooth receipts

Ulterior motive: these are as much for parents as they are for kiddos, as marking the occasion of losing baby teeth will make a nostalgic trip down memory lane one day. A search for a receipt from the Tooth Fairy containing a child’s name, date, age and tooth rating (excellent, good, poor) turns up hundreds of free printables on Pinterest.

Tooth report card

Similar to the tooth receipt, a report card on the health of your child’s lost tooth is another playful way to create something for the memory books that’s easy to execute. You can grade your child’s tooth on color, cleanliness, density, and more!

Tiny letter

Since the Tooth Fairy is tiny, he or she has tiny hands, and must write on tiny paper. That’s where the tiny letter comes in. Have the Tooth Fairy write a special letter on paper about a quarter of the size of a Post-It. It can be rolled up and tied in a bow with dental floss.

Dental swag bag

Seeing how much emphasis the Tooth Fairy places on dental health might spark an interest in dental hygiene from your kiddo. Fun items to include are a toothbrush of your child’s favorite character, silly-flavored toothpaste (birthday cake, chocolate) and animal-shaped dental floss.

Chocolate coins

Sometimes, younger kids aren’t as excited by money as they are by something more tangible. Opt for chocolate coins and give them the best of both worlds.

Bravery certificate

While losing a tooth is fun and exciting, we often forget that it can also be painful and slightly traumatic for a child. That’s where a bravery certificate comes in – to reinforce that while it was scary, your child was a super star! Create one of your own or search Pinterest for free printables.

Wishing stones

Kiddos will love clear or colored stones (found at any craft store) that’s from the Tooth Fairy’s workshop! Encourage them to start a new bedtime tradition by making a wish with them at night.

Fairy check

Make the process a little more official by presenting your child with a check from the Tooth Fairy. Take it a bit further by making it redeemable for an experience, like a trip to the movies or to the ice cream store.


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  1. Wish I’d have had these tips when the kids were young. When we left for college, our parents gave us all a box full of mementos – class projects, report cards, drawings, stories – that they had saved for us. Creating something savable for milestones will be appreciated down the line.

  2. My kids are all bigger now but I do have a new grandson and I am going to send this to my daughter because these ideas are so good!

  3. Awesome ideas for my grandson!! I will show this to his parents so they can get some new ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I will have to share this post with my daughter. My granddaughter has not lost her first tooth yet and what great and fun ideas.

  5. So many creative ideas. One of my favorite is Wishing Stones idea. I agree its a great way to encourage them to start a new bedtime tradition by making a wish with them at night.

  6. I love the idea of tooth report card and tiny letter. I will definitely use some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing

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