5 Ideas for Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Ask for Over and Over

5 Ideas for Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Ask for Over and Over

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Can you remember all the energy that was running through your veins back when you were still in third grade? Of course, you can’t! You’d probably hate yourself and adulthood too much if you realized just how much you have changed. It reaches a point in your kids’ life when they will also play with everything they got. Since their energy reserves need to be restored regularly, you’ll think there is some nighttime thief who devours only your food stores.

This is a crucial age in the kids’ life and they need the play at this phase. Whether you’re a conservative or are known for indulgence, giving your kids the best of everything is always a top priority. The following list of healthy snacks for kids will get you started on this journey. Not only will we focus on sharing with you healthy sweet snacks but give you a rough idea of how to make healthy snacks. Buckle up as we get started.

Vitamins as Healthy Snacks for Kids

Few children enjoy a sumptuous meal with veggies and fruits. Since you can’t force some carrots down their throats, this is the perfect moment for you to manipulate their psychology. You can make them an irresistible smoothie with milk as a sweetener. Here, you can use the fruit of your choice ranging from mangoes to avocado, passion, melon, bananas, and even guavas. A combination of three or four fruits in the milkshake not only builds up their immune system but is a healthy snacks alternative to build up plenty of energy. Embrace healthy snack ideas by making the fruits palatable to the eye. This you can simply do by presenting them in imaginative fun shapes. The leftover rice of yesternight could be converted to fruit sushi which is not only cost-effective and minimizes wastage but it also has a traditional touch to it.


Caramelized Sugar-Free Nuts 

Even the most resistant food dieter always appreciates a pinch of nuts. Not only do they play a strange effect on your tongue by making you consume more than you originally intended to but they also provide relatively close benefits thus equaling the best MCT oil for keto dieters. Furthermore, they are easy to cook and prepare and can be done in a lot of healthy and fun ways.

By choosing the nuts of choice – either Brazil or even cashew nuts; heat water in a pot as you add your chosen sweetener (natural sweeteners are best for healthy snacks ideas. These include monk fruit, liquid stevia, sweetened maple syrup, and monk fruit sweetener.) Also, add cinnamon and 1 tsp of sea salt. Once the mixture has started melting, add your nuts as you constantly stir till it cooks and mixes up pretty nice. Remove, allow to cool as you stir the nuts and disintegrate them to prevent overly large clusters. Then watch as the little pups enjoy devouring the last bit of it if you won’t have done that yourself.

Easy Zucchini Pizza Bites

Get yourself large slices of zucchini and count yourself in too since it’ll be too good for you to miss out. This will fall into the category of healthy protein snacks and can be complemented with a glass of raspberry and chocolate chia pudding. So how do you go about making this healthy sweet snack? We won’t be giving you standardized measurements since you may decide to start small or go big.

Spray both sides of the cut zucchini slices with olive or coconut oil. Season this with pepper and salt then grill or broil for around 2 minutes until you experience a sweet aromatic flavor. Add a thick topping of broil, cheese, and sauce and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Then you’re good to go. This simply tops our list of the best healthy snacks especially when you have that chocolate glass. Well, we need to stop writing and make a snack first!

Whole Grain Healthy Snacks Ideas

If you were keen to notice, we started with vitamins then suggested healthy protein snacks you could easily try. Now you should put energy-building foods into consideration. Do away with unhealthy starch and always prefer healthier combinations.

For instance, on one night you may decide to incorporate healthy food recipes of popcorn for the movie night. This could be had with oatcakes in a topping of banana and honey accompanied by walnuts. Always have ready high-fat yogurt in the fridge for an occasional glass.

Raw Broccoli or Crunchy Fried Peas

Started with vitamins now we are here ending with the same! If this is an offer you can consider as part of healthy snack foods for your kids, you might also be interested in underground foods that come with a lot of health benefits. These include yams, sweet potatoes, cassava, and the likes. Not only are they easy to prepare but will also give you guys energy and vitality as you face each passing day.


Healthy snack recipes could consist of anything at your disposal – you just need a little creativity and you are set to go. What’s more, it would be a good idea to engage your kids in the meal prep as it will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility and will make them eat. This is also a good way of training your child in the way they ought to go and you’ll be sure they won’t forget it once they’re grown. Now that you have a clear idea of how to make healthy snacks with and for your kids, what other recipes will you be trying out with your kids?


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38 Comments on “5 Ideas for Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Ask for Over and Over”

  1. I would love to try the carmalized nuts that are sugar free for myself, and yes my son!!! 😋😋😋❤️

  2. Thanks so much!!! I’m for sure bout to make the sugar free caramel nuts! I mean I need these in my life to! I’m gonna try a few of these out of my boys and see if they will snack on them! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. The Zucchini Pizza bites sound delicious. Healthy Snacks aren’t just for kids. Sometimes kids can encourage adults to feast on nutritious snacks as well.

  4. Those sugar free nuts look amazing! I’m so thankful that you have kept the keto Dieter in mind. I’m always looking for low carb, sugar free snacks to keep me on track. YUM!

  5. It’s funny, but I only discovered recently that my littles really prefer fresh vegetables over cooked—and none of them like cooked carrots. Sometimes the textures of some foods, like the zucchini mentioned above does throw them off from trying it, but most often, when it’s offered more than once, they will give it a try—and find they like it!

  6. These are some great snack ideas. I especially like the Caramelized Sugar-Free Nuts since they are Keto friendly and are an easy on-the-go snack.

  7. I love the idea of using fruits l, but mainly vegetables in smoothies! My kids absolutely hate eating vegetables so I always feel like they are not getting their correct nutrients. I am going to start making some smoothies and see if It will work! Thanks for the advice!

  8. Nice ideas, smoothies are indeed a great way to hide healthy ingredients in a desirable package. Spiralized squash spaghetti is another appealing, healthy snack they love.

  9. My Grandchildren love to help me in the kitchen, the secret is to make healthy but make them think it is their idea. Ages 5 and 2. We are into healthy snacks and if using chocolate try to cut back or use unsweetened. Learning what taste good at an early age forms habits for the future. Favorite snack is sliced fruit with nut butter.

  10. Great snack ideas mine love carrots sticks and what we call ants on a log (Celery PB and raisins)

  11. I’m so glad I found this blog! This will be so helpful, especially when my daughter wants to eat snacks all day! I’m going to make her a smoothie and try the nuts for sure.

  12. A nice selection of healthy snacks I make my grandson smoothies often i can even sneak in some kale and he loves them

  13. These are great tips! My kids have been asking for junk food snacks since we have been staying at home.

  14. This was great!! I can now give them snacks that are healthy, taste good and look like what ‘adults’ eat. No more just carrots or celery.

  15. These are great ideas. Thank you for sharing. Always looking for different healthy snacks for my 7 year old grandson. Luckily, he loves veggies and fruit.

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