2015 Winter Holiday Bucket List for Families

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Cold fingers and red noses. Cozy blankets and hot chocolate. These are sure signs of one thing–winter is here!  As we start hunkering down in the chilly weather, the holidays are fast approaching.


If you have kids, you know how excited they get to around the holiday season.  My kids ask daily, “How many more days?” I came up with a Holiday Bucket List for my kids to help the days move by faster.  Make your own or use ours and check them off one by one!


2015 Holiday Bucket List
–  go caroling
– make hot chocolate
–  wear new pj’s
– donate to a charity
–  bake treats
–  build a snowman
–  go ice skating
–  read holiday books
–  make paper snowflakes
– watch three holiday movies
– read three holiday books
– trim the tree
– be extra cheerful
– drink hot apple cider
– buy/make simple gifts for the neighbors


No matter what’s on your holiday bucket list, the important thing is to make memories with your family…and to keep those fingers warm!


Holiday bucket list1

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5 Comments on “2015 Winter Holiday Bucket List for Families”

  1. This is such a great ideas. All family member will surely enjoy this activity. Nice share!

  2. Well isn’t that a neat idea,next evening we are all free we will make a list and try it this year !

  3. Such a fun winter holiday bucket list. Can’t wait to make one with my wife and kids for next year

    1. Thanks for the comment, Justin. Our family always makes our own “to-do list” for the holidays. It looks quite different from this one, but it sure is nice to have a list of fun activities to check off.

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