Weekly Roundup: Apps for Kids, Nature Toys, Postpartum Essentials + More!! 04/28 – 05/04

This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features apps for kids, nature toys, postpartum essentials + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during April 28, 2024 to May 4, 2024.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — WonJo Kids

WonJo Kids

We at WonJo believe in reinventing screen time into a magical learning journey for kids aged 2-8!

Pre-packed with games, videos, songs, and more, WonJo shapes young minds to explore their true potential while having all the fun in the world!

With WonJo, you get:

– Personalized Curriculum
Games and activities designed around established educational principles like Digital Promise, Common Core, NGSS, Head Start, and CASEL. We cater to the unique strengths and challenges of every child with resources for reading, math, social-emotional growth, and creativity.

– Safe and Clean Environment
No room for ads! We guarantee the utmost respect for your child’s privacy. Each moment on WonJo constructs towards your child’s intellectual and emotional growth.

Bright futures start here!

Apps & Software:

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Where the Wild Ponies Swim
Written by Jessica A MacPherson; Illustrated by Red Maylon; Edited by Amy Shook

Join Frankie, Josie, and Marcus along with their parents on their first roadtrip from Massachusetts to Chincoteague, Virginia. On this magical island the family will witness the annual pony swim made famous by Misty of Chinoteague.

Children’s Picture Books:
Peoples, Places & Cultures

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Award-Winning Children's book — Where the Wild Ponies Swim
Award-Winning Children's book — We Both Speak English but…

We Both Speak English but…
Written by Heather Bradley; Illustrated by Friesen Press; Edited by Friesen Press

Two cousins
Two countries
One language – sort of
Cousins living over three thousand miles apart, enjoy many of the same things though they say them differently. One cousin wears a slicker, Wellingtons and carries a brolly to splash in the puddles. The other cousin wears a raincoat, rubber boots and carries an umbrella to play in the rain.

Children’s Picture Books:
Peoples, Places & Cultures

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The REAL BOYS of the Civil War
Written by J. Arthur Moore

In a war in which more than 200,000 participants were
underage children and youth, age 17 and under, this book is a collection of their images and stories, sharing that history as it pertains to the boys and youth who were a significant part of the American Civil War, yet today are generally forgotten.

Young Adult Books:
Non-Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — The REAL BOYS of the Civil War
Award-Winning Children's book — Tell My Story Card Game

Tell My Story Card Game

Tell My Story Card Game is designed to enhance connection and heartfelt communication between parents and their teens around mental health. 100 cards, with questions to bring them closer to each other, will make a positive impact on how parents and teens relate to one other.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Sammy & Scarlett's Mangrove Adventure

Sammy & Scarlett’s Mangrove Adventure
Written by Robert Andrew Provan; Illustrated by Mary Wentzel

Sammy, a sergeant major fish and Scarlett a yellowtail snapper, are best friends who live in a sparkling tidal pool by the turquoise sea. They love playing together and exploring their colorful underwater world. But one day, something unexpected happens. A big wave carries them far away from home, out into the vast ocean. Now, these two little fish must stick together if they want to stay safe.
As they go on their adventure, Sammy and Scarlett learn something important. It’s not how you look on the outside or the color of your scales that matters, but what’s inside your heart. Even though they are small, they have big hearts.
This book is all about nature and the amazing things you can discover in the sea. It also teaches us the importance of teamwork. Sammy and Scarlett show us that when we work together, we can overcome any challenge and thrive.
Dive into this story that instills a love for nature, nurturing a generation of young environmentalists ready to make a positive impact. Get ready for an adventure you won’t forget.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Non-Fiction – General

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Sammy & Scarlett’s Coral Reef Adventure
Written by Robert Andrew Provan; Illustrated by Mary Wentzel

Embark on a thrilling, true-to-life journey with Sammy and Scarlett. From their childhood home in the mangrove forest, they venture across the treacherous seagrass meadows. They encounter new friends but also new dangers that test their courage and knowledge. Will they be able to use the skills they’ve learned in the mangroves to overcome these challenges? Join these two adventure fish as they navigate through the unknown toward their final destination—the coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

On their journey, Sammy and Scarlett meet a new friend, a wise hawksbill sea turtle named Howie. Howie is not just a guide; he’s a symbol of trust and friendship. The three quickly form a bond, learning that they can rely on each other in times of need. Howie protects the little fish from predators, and in return, they help keep the turtle safe from the dangers of human litter such as plastic bags. This is a story about the power of friendship and trust, even in the vast and unpredictable ocean.

Join Sammy, Scarlett, and new friend Howie as their epic journey continues through the magnificent Florida Keys.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Non-Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Sammy & Scarlett's Coral Reef Adventure
Award-Winning Children's book — Nature Bound - Bug Vacuum (all new)

Nature Bound – Bug Vacuum (all new)

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the wild with the newly enhanced Nature Bound Bug Vacuum Catcher Kit! This cutting-edge, patented marvel is engineered to spark curiosity and adventure in young hearts, enabling them to encounter the insect world up close without ever touching a bug. Packed with a robust 1600 RPM motor vacuum, it boasts unmatched suction power for the safest and most effective bug capture. Plus, its detachable capture core allows for effortless observation of your tiny captives.

But that’s not all—our exclusive extension tube is a game-changer, allowing intrepid explorers to delve into the secret hideaways of insects, significantly enriching their exploration saga. The ingenious design, featuring a magnifying trap door, transforms every capture into a fascinating learning moment, offering an intimate glimpse into the intriguing lives of bugs.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 5 to 8

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Achieving a proper latch can be challenging, especially when exhausted from sleep deprivation. LatchLlight’s gentle, warm glow minimizes sleep disruption for you and your baby and includes an ergonomically designed tip to adjust baby’s lips for optimal latch positioning.

Gear & Accessories:

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Award-Winning Children's book — LatchLight
Award-Winning Children's book — Kiki & Slugger's Magic Spring Adventure

Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure
Written by Robert Andrew Provan; Illustrated by Mary Wentzel

In “Kiki and Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure,” readers are transported to the vivid landscapes of the Florida Keys, a place like no other on Earth. The story follows two unlikely friends: Kiki, a Key deer native to these islands, and Slugger, a lovable black Labrador. Together, they explore their stunning tropical surroundings, all while learning to navigate the delicate balance of coexisting with humans in this unique environment.
As Kiki and Slugger embark on their adventures, they meet a captivating cast of characters, each contributing their own flair to the narrative. From Orlando the Osprey to Fernando the Frigate Bird, these colorful figures help emphasize the incredible biodiversity of the Keys, making the tale not just engaging, but also educational. The story serves as an eye-opener about the virtues of friendship, the importance of environmental conservation, and the diversity of life that calls these islands home.

The friendship between Kiki and Slugger isn’t just charming; it’s downright magical—literally. Infused with whimsical elements, their relationship serves as a powerful illustration of how meaningful connections can break down even the most unlikely barriers. Whether it’s the species divide or the inherent caution animals have towards humans, their friendship transcends it all, teaching readers about the universal bonds of understanding and acceptance.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Non-Fiction – General

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Did You Know?: Facts by Norah
Written by Norah Desy; Illustrated by A.I. App Wonder; Edited by Courtney Desy

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?  Did You Know? Facts by Norah is a chapter book written by 2nd grader, Norah Carminda Desy when she was 6 & 7 years old.  Chapters included: animals, science, grammar, and inspiration.

The illustrations were created by the A.I. App., Wonder, using key words and concepts from the text and approved by Norah.

The book also includes funny quotes from Norah when she was between 4 & 7 years old.  Lastly, there is a section about the author written by her mom, Courtney Desy.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Non-Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Did You Know?

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