Weekly Roundup: Children’s Picture Books, Baby Gear, Kids’ Toys + More!! 02/11-02/17

WR 02/20- Best Books, Best Toys, and Best Parenting Supplies

This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features children’s picture books, baby gear, kids’ toys + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during February 11, 2024 to February 17, 2024.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — 'Oops'

Written by Terrie Sizemore; Illustrated by Zaida Montes

‘OOPS’ is a little story about Gracie. A little girl who tries very hard to do things but finds trouble around every bend.Her wonderful Grandpa can hardly keep up with her, but he does. He helps her learn and grow and try despite any of the difficulties she has accomplishing her daily tasks.Accompanied by her pet parrot, dog, and cat, Gracie helps with gathering chicken eggs, washing dishes, planting flowers, collecting bugs, and baking her mum a birthday cake!Come, join the fun and fall in love with Gracie and Grandpa.

Children’s Picture Books:
Values & Life Lessons

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What Would You Choose – Family Card Game

Introducing ‘What Would You Choose,’ the ultimate quiz game for kids aged 5+ and families!

Dive into hilarious, silly, and brain-teasing dilemmas as everyone takes turns guessing answers. Simple to learn and packed with over 500 questions, this game guarantees endless laughter and fun for all ages. Inspired by the beloved ‘Do Kids Rather?’ game, it’s both entertaining and educational, making it a perfect stocking filler! With game times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, it’s ideal for holidays, car journeys, and rainy days.

Gather 2+ players and get ready for hours of entertainment – grab yours now and let the fun begin!

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 5 to 8

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Award-Winning Children's book — What Would You Choose - Family Card Game
Award-Winning Children's book — Warm-in-One


Designed by UK baby and children’s swimwear specialist Splash About, the fleece-lined Warm-In-One baby wetsuit exudes warmth.

Designed specifically to maintain a baby’s core temperature, by creating a barrier between the body and the surrounding water which becomes heated by the baby’s own body warmth – this wetsuit keeps an infant’s temperature regulated so that they are warmer and therefore happier in the water.

Splash About’s Warm-In-One is suitable for babies from birth up to 2 years, it is available in 15 beautiful prints and retails for $36. Wear with the brand’s flagship Happy Nappy swim diaper for a leak-free swim.

Gear & Accessories:
Sports / Outdoor

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Squire With Fire – Yule Be Gone
Written by Joseph Cassis; Illustrated by Global Book Publishing Illustrator; Edited by Global Book Publishing Editor

This entertaining book The castle’s Christmas decorations have been burned and torn down.

The Knight Commander, Sir Henry accuses a little white dragon named Luka. However, Luka claims innocence when Squire Mackenzie enters the room. She explains how Luka cannot breathe fire like other dragons.

A unique solution is pursued. Ultimately, they enjoy their Christmas meal together and share holiday stories about their heritage and traditions.

Happy Holidays! God Jul!

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Award-Winning Children's book — Squire With Fire - Yule Be Gone
Award-Winning Children's book — Shorty Wetsuit

Shorty Wetsuit

Created by UK kids’ swimwear specialist Splash About, the Shorty Wetsuit is your child’s best defence against whatever the weather brings when they are on the beach, in the garden or in the pool!

Practical but stylish, the Shorty Wetsuit is made from soft 2mm neoprene which regulates core body temperature, keeping your child warmer for longer on the beach or in the sea. Ideal for chilly beaches or swimming pools; it is wind and sand resistant – and when the sun shines it offers UPF50+ sun protection too!

The Shorty Wetsuit is comfortable to wear all day; the three-quarter sleeves and half legs are made from supple, stretchy neoprene making it easy to move and play, while the practical front zip makes changing simple, even when wet. Rinse, dry and reuse – Splash About’s Kids Shorty Wetsuit is perfect for beach play, paddling or swimming in the sea or in the pool and for all water sports!

This wetsuit is ideal for kids looking to transition from baby wetsuits; the long chunky front zip encourages a child’s independence especially during toilet training as well as dressing themselves as they get older.

The Shorty Wetsuit retails for $36.99 and is available in sizes from 2 to 6 years in four colourful designs.

Gear & Accessories:
Sports / Outdoor

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Magnetic Behavior Chore Chart for Kids

Introducing QUOKKA’s Behavior Chart for Kids—an inclusive routine tool including 48 chore magnets, 49 star magnets, a hanging rope, storage bag, dry erase marker, and a gift-ready box.

Adaptable for all ages, this visual schedule grows with your child—use magnets for younger kids and the marker for older ones. The durable magnets easily attach to any magnetic surface, aiding in daily routines and fostering positive behavior.

Crafted with extremely durable magnets, this chart is designed for repeated use. Its cute illustrations and carefully worded prompts encourage positive behavior while making daily routines fun.

This chart not only helps your child remember tasks but also enhances communication within the family. Simply display child activities on our routine chart, making it a perfect gift for boys and girls.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 5 to 8

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Award-Winning Children's book — Magnetic Behavior Chore Chart for Kids

Happy Nappy Swimsuit

Designed by UK baby and children’s swimwear brand Splash About, the Happy Nappy Swimsuit uniquely features its award-winning swim diaper integrated into the swimsuit, for maximum protection against fecal leaks.

The Happy Nappy Swimsuit is comprised of a soft, flexible Nylon Lycra body and neoprene swim diaper, with specialist ribbing at the waist and thighs which are specifically designed to form a snug seal to contain solids.

The Happy Nappy swim diaper is so effective, it is approved by baby swim schools for use without a second disposable diaper worn underneath – however it can be worn with Splash About’s reusable Diaper Wraps and liners for easier cleaning.

Splash About’s swimsuit provides UPF50+ sun protection and the fabric is chlorine resistant and won’t fade in the sun – making it perfect for the pool at home or on vacation.

The Happy Nappy Sunsuit retails for $27.99 and is available in sizes 3 months to 3 years in four beautiful designs.

Robust and reliable the Happy Nappy Sunsuit Swimsuit is an essential for leak-free, stress-free trips to the swimming pool with your infant or toddler!

Gear & Accessories:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Happy Nappy Swimsuit
Award-Winning Children's book — Happy Nappy DUO

Happy Nappy DUO

The Happy Nappy DUO, is the most technically advanced swim diaper on the market, developed by UK baby and children’s swimwear specialists Splash About.

The Happy Nappy DUO is a reusable 2-in-1 swim diaper; it effectively contains unwelcome accidents and is scientifically proven to destroy any fecal bacteria, including E.coli & Cryptosporidium which chlorine alone cannot kill, and once ingested in water are responsible for nasty tummy bugs and diarrhea.

Made from durable neoprene the DUO has snug, specialist fabric waist and thigh ribbing & a fixed gusset to prevent gaping, ensuring solids are contained long enough for you to exit the pool. Integrated inside the DUO is an innovative Silver Lining. Naturally anti-bacterial silver is soothing on baby skin but importantly it destroys any fecal bacteria present in the diaper, rendering it harmless. So now when it mixes with water or urine & seeps into the pool, it’s sterile, meaning cleaner water for all swimmers.

Available in sizes from birth to 3 years in 10 beautiful designs, the Happy Nappy DUO is the only swim diaper a baby needs for a stress-free visit to the pool and is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable swim diapers.

Gear & Accessories:

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Happy Nappy

Designed and developed by UK baby swimwear specialist Splash About, the new Happy Nappy is the most reliable, reusable swim diaper on the market today due to its distinctive ergonomic shape.

Technically constructed using soft premium neoprene, two contoured panels cup baby’s bottom, giving an innovative, almost 3D shape. The waist and leg bands are made from specialist fabric which provides a secure snug seal to prevent leaks. The unique fitted but flexible gusset ensures that there’s no gaping which means that any fecal matter stays securely contained in this swim diaper, regardless of how hard baby kicks & twists in the water!

The Happy Nappy swim diaper is fully tested and approved by baby swim-schools who insist that infants & toddlers wear a Happy Nappy in the pool to provide maximum protection against fecal accidents, for cleaner safer pool water.

Splash About’s Happy Nappy swim diaper is an essential item in baby’s swim bag; it’s simple but efficient, innovative & cost-effective. It’s trusted by parents and swim teachers alike; it makes baby and toddler swim time stress-free and fun!

Gear & Accessories:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Happy Nappy
Award-Winning Children's book — Go Splash Swim Vest

Go Splash Swim Vest

The Go Splash Swim Vest is a fun, practical, introductory learn-to-swim aid for children who are aged between 1-6 years.

Developed by UK children’s swimwear specialist Splash About, this floatation Vest is ideal for helping toddlers gain confidence in the water as well as enabling older children to perfect their skills as they learn-to-swim independently.

The Go Splash Swim Vest is an ideal introductory buoyancy aid (and a vacation must-have!) for pre-schoolers who are learning-to-swim, that has been designed by trusted safety swimwear brand Splash About.

Gear & Accessories:
Sports / Outdoor

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Don’t Snuggle a Nuggle: Explore the Wildly Wonderful World of the Confusle Forest!
Written by Sara Furlong; Illustrated by Helda Clara

Step into the Hilariously Confusing World of the Confusle Forest!

Welcome to the Confusle Forest, where everything you know about creatures is about to get delightfully flipped on its head! Join a bumbling forest ranger, a group of fearless kids, and a not-so-fearless teacher, on a journey that turns the meanest, scariest, and smelliest creatures into the most unexpectedly lovable friends.

From Nuggles that stink like cheese (hold your nose!) to Grickles that demand itchles, not tickles, and Quackles that prefer laughles over cackles – this forest is a riot of riddles and giggles.

But remember, it’s not just about the wild and wacky creatures; it’s about discovering the secret to making even the grumpiest creatures break into a laughle in the quirkiest forest you’ve ever seen.

Uncover the magical way to win over the heart of any creature, no matter how confusing, in this wild ride that will leave you in stitches and make you wonder if the world of creatures is more befuddling than you ever imagined.

Children’s Picture Books:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Don't Snuggle a Nuggle

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