Weekly Roundup: Online Learning Resources, Children’s Books, Pelvic Floor Trainer + More! 11/15 – 11/21

award-winning online learning resources

This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features online learning resources, children’s books, pelvic floor trainer + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during November 15, 2020 to November 21, 2020.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — WhiteHat Jr.

WhiteHat Jr.

Set your child up for success by teaching them how to code! Whitehat Jr. is the first and only platform with one-on-one classes that teach kids grades K-12 how to code. As the largest global education platform in the world, Whitehat Jr. runs over 30,000 classes each day – all taught live by one of the 10,000+ active female teachers on the platform! Whitehat Jr. knows that familiarity in coding promotes higher test scores and childhood development, and is leading kids to score over 75% higher in logic and abstract thinking.

Online Resources (Websites, eMagazines and Blogs):

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The Bedtime Bunny: A Magical Approach to Happy, Healthy Bedtimes
Written by Christy Laakmann Kaupinen
Gaye Laakmann McDowell

The Bedtime Bunny motivates young kids to go to bed – and stay there – using the power of magic (and occasional rewards!). In this engaging and fun story, children learn why all the magic creatures need them to stay in their beds, even the unicorns and baby dragons. After reading the book, children leave the included carrot outside their front door, with their names and bedtimes on the back. A magic Bedtime Bunny will come hopping while they are asleep, and might leave little surprises for them to find in the mornings (but only if the kids are in their beds!).

The Bedtime Bunny uses the evidence-based behavior strategy of positive reinforcement to motivate young children to stay in bed.

1. Sets Expectations:
The book tells the story of why all the magical creatures need children to go to bed. The bunny won’t leave a surprise if kids aren’t in bed!

2. Child is Part of the Process:
Children write their names and bedtimes on the magic carrot included with each book, and leave it by the front door to request their own Bedtime Bunny.

3. Occasional, Small Rewards:
Initially, small rewards should be frequent to reinforce good bedtime behaviors. Over time, rewards can be more random or just on special occasions. Even the smallest treat – a few sprinkles in a bag, a note by the door – can bring so much joy to little ones.

Children’s Picture Books:
Bedtime Stories

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Bedtime Bunny
Award-Winning Children's book — Reading Eggs - Learn to Read

Reading Eggs – Learn to Read

Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning program that helps children learn to read. Based on scientific research and designed by experienced elementary teachers, it’s proven to help kids learn to read using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities, and over 2,500 digital story books.

Educational Products:

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Mobicip Parental Controls

Mobicip parental control app is the most convenient way to manage your family’s screen time. Our trusted screen time & parental control app enables you to limit screen time, block apps or games, track your kids’ location, filter & block websites, monitor YouTube videos, and more. Mobicip is a best-in-class product trusted by millions of parents. It was designed with families in mind as an effective screen time & parental control app to protect the entire family online! As the most robust multi-platform parental control app, Mobicip provides you remote control over your kids’ devices including iPhones & iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and Kindle Fire.

Screen Time & Parental Control App Features:

  • SCREEN TIME CONTROL: Set daily screen time limits to manage bedtime & family time; or set recurring weekly screen time schedules. Instantly lock screen time on all family devices for quality family time or device-free dinnertime.
  • APP BLOCKER (iOS & Android): Block social media apps or games instantly with Mobicip’s app blocker. You can even preemptively block apps before they are downloaded.
  • LOCATION TRACKER (iOS & Android): Instantly track your kids or any family member using Mobicip’s location tracker.
  • ALLOW OR BLOCK WEBSITES & KEYWORDS: Allow or block websites, restrict keywords, monitor video content and ensure safe browsing.
  • MONITOR YOUTUBE: Mobicip parental control app provides the best oversight of YouTube by showing you the exact videos watched by your children.
  • ACTIVITY REPORTS: Review browsing history, monitor social media usage, keep track of recently installed apps & view online activity on the go.
  • STRICT SAFE SEARCH: Enforce strict safe internet search on all browsers & search engines.
  • AGE-BASED FILTERING: Set filtering restrictions based on your child’s age.
  • FILTER BY CATEGORY: Mobicip is the only parental control app that categorizes web content on the fly & enforces safe search. Mobicip’s internet filter identifies and blocks over 30 web categories including adult, porn, violence, advertisements, gambling & more.
  • ALLOW OR BLOCK VIDEO APPS/WEBSITES: Allow or block over 50 streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Movie Box, HBO Now etc.
  • ACCESS REQUESTS: Get real time alerts when your kids try to access blocked apps or websites. Instantly approve or reject override requests.
  • UNINSTALL ALERT: Receive a notification on the parent app when your child attempts to remove Mobicip from the device.

Apps & Software:
Ages 9 to 12

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Award-Winning Children's book — Mobicip Parental Controls
Award-Winning Children's book — Folktellers Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook - Book II: Cave in the Rock

Folktellers Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook – Book II: Cave in the Rock
Written by Josef Bastian; Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy

Some things should never be opened… Ever. You have been warned. In Book I: Phases of the Moon, we discovered that Folktellers are travelers of time and space, sharing the stories people need to hear. Much has been revealed since Aaron, Wendy, and Jake first uncovered Pap’s secret and learned the importance of the phases of the moon. But their adventures are far from over.

In Book II: The Cave in the Rock, Aaron continues to learn what it means to be a Folkteller, while Wendy makes new friends and discovers that stories can be just as powerful and dangerous in her own dimension. Elsewhere in the Folktellers Universe, an ancient evil continues to fester, as more phantoms try to claw their way out of the Shadow Realm in pursuit of the mysterious Guidebooks.

In a tale where three worlds collide, Aaron, Wendy, Jake, and Eddie Little Bear must come to grips with the fact that their troubles are growing, their lives are intertwined, and an even greater horror waits for them – just inside the Cave in the Rock.

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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DownUnder There Trainer

Moms matter yet no one likes to talk about what is going on DownUnder There pre- and post-pregnancy. It’s true that pregnancy and childbirth can bring about some major physical changes. The focus is often on external ones (ahem, a growing or stretched out belly). But one of the biggest pregnancy and childbirth changes impacts an area that’s impossible to see from the outside: the pelvic floor.

You can’t even see it, yet arguably it is the most important muscle all women forget to exercise. People don’t talk about it even in pregnancy and childbirth conversations.

Did you know? Pelvic floor problems, including leaking and incontinence, are surprisingly common affecting up to 80% of expectant and new moms. Tissues, muscles and nerves are frequently damaged (even with C-sections).

Pelvic training and strengthening has seen shown to improve stress incontinence in 97% of cases and cure it in 73% of cases (Harvard).
This is why the DownUnder Trainer was invented by a mom for moms.

Benefits Of Training

  • Quickest way back to strength (even stronger) and a faster post-pregnancy recovery
  • Helps moms bounce back more rapidly
  • Prevents leaking pre- and post-pregnancy
  • Strengthens a mom’s baby tunnel when they have to push hard during delivery
  • Eases a mom’s first time back having sex after baby
  • Replaces doing kegels, which 95% of the time don’t work. (Studies show that at least 95 percent of women perform kegel exercises incorrectly, even if they’ve been instructed on how to do them.)
  • Facilitates an increased sex drive after childbirth
  • Builds pelvic floor muscles which means increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms

Personal Use Products (Skin Care, Health Care, etc.):

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Award-Winning Children's book — DownUnder There Trainer
Award-Winning Children's book — Can You Find Me? PreK

Can You Find Me? PreK: Building Thinking Skills in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies
Written by Cheryl Block, Michael Baker

These fun, colorful, mind-building introduce young minds to critical thinking and organized analysis. To solve the riddles, students practice:

  • Identifying Similarities and Differences
  • Forming/Following Sequences and Patterns
  • Classifying Objects and Groups
  • Identifying/Interpreting Analogies
  • Logic

The riddles also teach the following concepts found in most state and national standards:

  • Math—counting, shape and number recognition, recognizing and completing patterns, spatial position, more/less/equal, ordinal numbers (first, third, etc.), part/whole measurement
  • Reading Readiness—letter recognition, rhyming words, letter-sound association, letter sequence, sight words, directionality
  • Science—animal attributes, weather/seasons, senses, body parts, plants/plant growth, force/motion
  • Social Studies—family, community helpers, health and safety, identifying locations

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Reference & Study Aids

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