The Benefits of Meditation for Your Family

The Benefits of Meditation for Your Family

Jane Sandwood Teacher | Blogger | Mom Stress affects both children and adults, and can take a toll on family life; in fact, 54% of people claim that stress is the cause of fighting with someone close to them. Practicing meditation helps control stress on a physiological level, making for happier individuals and more peaceful home. Building a daily meditation practice in your home gives your family a chance to spend … Read More

Why is Pilates a Great Choice for Moms?

Moms are often reminded of the importance of staying active for cardiovascular fitness, weight maintenance and increased flexibility and strength, but a recent study has shown that there is an additional reason to exercise: our kids! Read More

Save Yourself from Stress

Stress can have a significant cognitive impact on the individual. Mild stress tends to improve cognitive performance, focusing your attention to the task on hand, and can provide the knee-jerk response of getting away from dangerous situations to keep us safe. Read More