Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Noel Foy and Nicholas Roberto

Noel’s newest award-winning book, Are You a Bird Like Me?, is about the teamwork shown by a bird named Sky and her friends inspiring readers to believe in themselves and embrace the idea that differences are not dividers but ways to contribute to a common goal. This story is a reminder of all that is possible when we spread our wings and open our hearts and minds. Noel co-wrote Are You a Bird Like Me? with her son, Nicholas Roberto. Keep reading to find out more about Noel, Nicholas, and their award-winning book, Are You a Bird Like Me?! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Noel Foy

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A big hello to our wonderful readers! As a part of our ongoing interview series, we at Mom’s Choice had the privilege of talking with Noel Foy, author of the Award-Winning book ABC Worry Free. ABC Worry Free is a great tool for any child or adult dealing with anxiety at school, home, and beyond. ABC Worry Free providing a relatable story and actionable approach to worry that can help individuals of all ages process and manage everyday, anxiety-provoking situations, so they can experience more success and enjoyment in life. In this interview, we catch up with Noel to learn about her educational background and how it influenced her in writing ABC Worry Free. Keep reading for the full interview! Read More