Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Niloufar Shafiei

MCA Interview Series Featured image Niloufar Shafiei

Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products. Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! We were fortunate enough to speak with Niloufar Shafiei, CEO, idea generator, & app developer for Little Whale Inc. Little Whale Inc. is the company behind the Mom’s Choice Award-winning children’s app and accompanying book, Feelu! … Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Joan Ruddiman, EdD

Joan Ruddiman, EdD Featured

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Mom’s Choice is always proud to share the accomplishments of our Honorees. In an interview with our multi-Mom’s Choice Award-Winning author Joan Ruddiman, EdD, we get to hear not only about her personal background but also how she came to write her award-winning book, Little Children, BIG Feelings! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Tejal V. Patel

Tejal V. Patel MCA Interview Series Featured image

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers, welcome to another segment of our interview series! For today’s interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tejal V. Patel, author of the MCA winning book, Meditation for Kids. Meditation for Kids is a must-have for parents looking to teach their children meditation and mindfulness without having to be an expert themselves. This book is perfect for beginners and experts in meditation alike who are looking to make meditation a fun, family activity while also teaching children how to manage their bodies, energy, emotions, and how they react to stress. Keep reading to find out more about Tejal V. Patel and how she came to write such a helpful and inciteful children’s book!  Read More