Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Aaron Muderick

Aaron Muderick, parent approved award winner

Hi, Mom’s Choice readers! We are coming at you with another amazing interview with one of our very own Mom’s Choice Award-winning Creators. Aaron Muderick, or as he’s better known, “Crazy Aaron.” Aaron is the man responsible for the wildly popular, MCA Award-winning, Doodle Putty! Doodle Putty includes a mold that can be used to form your putty into a work of art as well as colorful markers to actually draw on your putty. Keep reading to find out more about Aaron and his incredible creation, Doodle Putty, including how it came to be! Read More

Growing Ethical Little Ones

Growing Ethical Little Ones Featured

We all desire to raise our kids to be truthful, fair, kind, happy… Greg Richards, founder and director the Middle Grades Ethics Project, has long research that provides eight specific insights for you to ponder. Read More