There is a Reason You Hold Your Baby on Your Left Hip, and it’s Pretty Cool

babies left side

The idea is that, when our babies face our left sides, us moms and our babies are both better equipped to read each other’s facial expressions and social cues. It’s also been demonstrated that children subconsciously run to their mother’s left sides when they approach them in need. Mothers, also, naturally lead their kids toward their left side when we sense fear or danger. It’s a protective instinct. Read More

Keeping Kids Safe on Snow Days

Keeping Kids Safe on Snow Days

Remember the excitement of a snow day as a kid? Waking up to the fresh, untouched blanket of snow and running down to watch school cancellation announcements on TV. Read More

What’s Autism and What’s Not?

What's Autism and What's Not?

Don’t freak out if you catch your child head-banging, echoing others words’ or hand flapping. Yes, those are symptoms of autism, but they don’t define your child as having an autism spectrum disorder. Read More

Safety Precautions for Bath Time

Bath Safety (image)

Did you know that in the US from 1990 to 2007, the annual average of bathtub & shower related injuries to children aged 18 and younger was 43,600? Read More

Entering Into the Gray: Turning Children into Compassionate Adults

Sometimes I think we live our lives as though we believe that this is a world just for adults. I’m coming to hold that, hand in hand with observant and intentional parents, children are capable of being ushered lovingly, and carefully, into the world and walking some of these tough roads with us, even at such a young age. Read More