5 Dangers to Your Kids Hiding in Plain Sight

As parents, we work diligently to neutralize every possible threat our children may encounter. Unfortunately, some hazards are so innocuous, we don’t even realize they exist. When danger hides in plain sight, the best weapon at our disposal is knowledge. Read More

Ideas for Musical Fun with Kids & Families

Musical Fun for Kids & Families (image)

Chrissy Tetley Mom’s Choice Award-winning author | Music Teacher Website | Facebook | Twitter Several weeks ago, I shared a post with ideas on ways to start an at-home music education program. Three simple ideas that are easy and accessible to all families. They also showed us how easy it is to create musical fun at home. Today, I’d like to take that one step further with ideas for groups … Read More

How My Daughter Challenged My Perspective (After Embarrassing Me At O’Charley’s)

challenged perspective

All I wanted was to get out of that restaurant alive. People were unabashedly staring, and even though that normally doesn’t get to me, it did that night. After we paid, I all but threw the kids in the car, kissed my mom goodbye (and thanked her for always dealing with our chaos gracefully!), and schlepped the kids home. On the way, images of tucking both kids quickly and seamlessly into bed danced in my mind as I fantasized about the day coming to a close. Read More