Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Renee Goodwin

Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! We’re delighted to have back with us today Renee Goodwin, the award-winning author and publisher of GG Life Lesson Storybook Series® children’s books. All the books in this series contain entertaining stories that teach children life lessons expressed from the perspective of a very energetic and adventurous puppy named GG. Realizing the impact that a good children’s book can have, Renee wrote these storybooks with passion and care. She’s here with us now to talk about the fifth and latest book in the GG series: GG Works The Honeybees – Helping Nature.

MCA: Renee, welcome back—and congratulations on your latest Mom’s Choice Award! For those who weren’t here for your earlier interview, please tell us something about yourself.

I have an undying passion for education. In my earlier careers, I am an accomplished teacher, engineer, and businesswoman. I am the recipient of the 2021 Texas A&M University Aggie Women Legacy Award (my alma mater). I established and managed TP Exploration, Inc., an oil and gas corporation, for 30 years. My publishing company, Goodwin Global Publishing, LLC, is located in Tyler, Texas.

MIA: What was your inspiration for writing GG?

My puppy, GG, created the path for me to write the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series. GG is a very energetic and adventurous Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). As I watched GG day to day go from one antic to another, I began to write story after story in my head. Then, with GG’s enthusiasm, I was inspired to see the books to publication.

Knowing honeybees are fascinating creatures and watching my husband and sons “work the honeybees” over the years inspired me to write GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature. I know there is much to teach and learn from watching honeybees.

In GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature, GG teaches to always wear your protective gear while working the honeybees. GG shows how to smoke the honeybees so the honeybees will rest while working the hives. GG instructs on the honeybees getting nectar from the wildflowers to make honey, then storing the honey in honeycombs in the hives. GG exclaims that the most fun of all is extracting the honey from the honeycombs and having a taste. Even though the honey is so delicious, GG learns to always have “just a little taste” on her puppy treats. GG loves to share the honey with Leo and all of her family. GG knows that My Mr. Gee is the best beekeeper and is thankful to help nature working the honeybees.

MCA: This sounds like a valuable and instructive book. What are the main lessons young readers will learn from it?

Stories are a fun way to help children understand the world, learn important values, and expand the imagination. My books teach life lessons from the perspective of a very energetic puppy named GG. Each book in the GG Life Lesson series has vocabulary words included. In GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature, the vocabulary words are nature, honeybees, and honey.

One main lesson to walk away with from reading GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature is to appreciate and respect our gifts from nature.

MCA: What has the response to your story been like?

Readers of GG Works the Honeybees – Helping Nature and all of the GG Life Lesson Storybook Series children’s books have positive responses that share how the books are wonderful read-aloud books and enjoy that the stories and lessons taught are told from the perspective of GG.

MCA: What’s next for GG?

Presently, I do have several “GG storybooks” in the works. Hopefully, GG will share some holiday spirit in 2024 and also meet new “celebrity” friends for some great adventures.

MCA: And we’ll be looking out for them! Thanks again for sharing these wonderful stories with us — and do keep us posted on what comes next.

You can learn more about Renee Goodwin and their award-winning book, GG Works the Honeybees, by visiting their MCA Shop page.

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  1. What a nice interview. It’s interesting how some of the smallest things in life can lead to such a wonderful book with such important lessons. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. I love when authors use animals to help teach lessons that will help children make good choices and learn about life topics from them. And it’s even better when the author is deeply connected to the main character because then it’s more authentic.

    1. My son loves books and this looks like one he would love! I love that it’s in a series and they all focus on life lessons!

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