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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you so much for joining us for yet another Mom’s Choice Award! For this interview, we were able to speak with Christy, Curriculum Development Head for the Mom’s Choice Award-winning product, Creta Class! Creta Class is designed to help kids ages 3-8 establish systematic knowledge through progressive learning pathways. With engaging animations and interactive exercises, our AI-based classes maximize immersive participation and make learning a fun and joyful experience. Keep reading to find out more about Christy and her amazing company, Creta Class!

MCA: Hi Christy, thank you so much for joining us today, and a huge congratulations on your company’s Mom Choice Award! I’d like to first start off the interview by having you tell us a little bit about yourself! 

The MCA award-winning app, Creta Class!

The MCA award-winning app, Creta Class!

Christy: I’ve been in education for twelve years. In the first five years, my main focus was on teaching, curriculum design, and academic research into early education. In the last few years, I’ve been working as a content director for children’s educational products. Developing quality products for children is something I enjoy.

In my private life, I spend quite a lot of time on fine arts and literature. My passion lies in oil painting–I especially like to paint landscape and still life. Aside from art, I read a wide variety of books including children’s psychology, management, and fiction.

MCA: That’s wonderful, we’d love to get the chance to take a look at your books sometime! Creta Class is such a great resource for children that is the perfect combination of learning and fun. Can you tell us more about your company and what makes it so uniquely great?

Christy: I think we’ve defined a new way to learn math online. Solid content, immersive participation, and a fun learning experience have made Creta Class into a great educational product. We’ve developed the ‘Creta Approach’ based on children’s cognitive development and psychology. Creta Approach covers three areas: cognitive, behavioral, and social. Learning math is not the only purpose. Creta Approach will help children develop thinking abilities, stimulate their interest in math, and build their confidence when it comes to learning math and solving problems.

We design a progressive learning pathway for each child. Unlike many game-focused and self-paced educational products, Creta Class helps each child build a good learning habit that they can stick with. Children spend about 15 minutes every weekday completing a lesson– 15 minutes a day, five days a week, it’s a routine children can easily keep. They end up doing it themselves.

Creta Class has an enormous amount of content. The content isn’t just piled up in the app waiting for someone who’s bored one day to go through it all in one sitting. Our courses encompass an integrated cycle of teaching, learning, and practicing. Math knowledge is integrated into fun animations. In Math Town, each character is uniquely designed. All our animated episodes are continuous and interrelated, not only for one stage but for all stages. We’ve created a math universe in which children learn math and thinking skills along with the characters. They also come to learn important values such as friendship, compassion, and teamwork. More importantly, children can take what they’ve learned and apply it to real life. That’s what Creta Class aims to bring to children.

MCA: Real-World applications of classroom learning are what education is all about! Can you elaborate on the needs were you trying to fill when you created Creta Class?

Christy: Creta Class is a math education product designed and developed for kids ages 3 to 8.
Our professional teaching and research center, led by graduates holding master’s and doctorate degrees from Ivy League Schools and other prestigious universities, has developed the professional and effective Creta Approach.

This approach is based on children’s cognitive development and trajectories of mathematics learning. It provides a carefully developed program that ensures a progressive learning pathway.

Each child’s learning journey is backed by our award-winning AI technology, developed by our top-notch AI laboratory. With the immersive and interactive AI math course, children truly enjoy learning math in a natural way. In turn, they build an intrinsic and lasting passion for learning and cultivate key competencies needed for lifelong development.

MCA: What differentiates Creta Class from others like it on the market?

Christy: Some apps recommend “a little and often” approach to learning, but leave how little and how often up to the kids. Creta Kids have a much more structured approach. Our app delivers new content each day, rather than making it all available right from the beginning. Young kids often binge on the joy of new experiences at the expense of long-term interest. As a teacher who worked at Educational App Store said: “Even the sweetest of treats become less attractive with overindulgence, and so it can be with learning apps. ”

By preventing kids from overusing the app, either through its novelty or kids’ desire to impress, the app will stay fresh. Frequent use will also lead to a habit of daily learning, which will help form a healthy attitude towards education for kids even after they outgrow Creta Class.

MCA: Creta Class has so many educational benefits for children ages 3 to 8. Can you tell us about some of them?

Christy: Creta Class uses gameplay elements to encourage kids to try their best and keep practicing. It uses a game-like, three-star rating system to assess learners and encourage them to try again to perfect their performance.

Most kids like clear objectives for their activities – especially when they want to do something else. Knowing that math learning through this app will follow a predictable structure of a predetermined length will make it easier for kids to complete their daily practices.

The topics in Creta Class, or any in other apps, may not necessarily match with what’s being taught at school, but this has its benefits. If the topic comes after it has been taught at school, it serves to further refresh and embed the knowledge. If it comes before it’s taught at school, it gives kids an earlier foundation.

Kids are able to revisit past lessons in the app, which will help them if they forget what was taught in school.

MCA: I’ve read online some of the reviews of Creta Class and one thing is clear, customers absolutely love it! What kind of feedback have you received about Creta Class?

Christy: The reviews really speak for themselves! Here are some of the reviews we have received about Creta Class:

“I love the systematic approach Creta Class employs. In today’s culture, children are taking the cue from their parents and binging everything from tv to games. I LOVE that Creta Class is designed to be consumed in manageable daily chunks – no more, no less. This daily practice and consistency coupled with the inability to simply rush through the app to “win” or “beat the level” really allows for intentionality, targeted instruction, and the chance for actual learning and understanding to develop. The Monday through Friday approach, with three days of new content and 2 days to review and confirm learning is best practice and demonstrates that Creta Class genuinely cares about solid math comprehension. This is curriculum – not an app or your average run-of-the-mill math ‘game’.”

“love that Creta Class is truly built like a year-long curriculum, with daily lessons inside of month-long units inside of year-long stages. Phenomenal. Any overwhelmed or burnt-out- on-math parent can do this for their child. No one in the household will end up frustrated or in tears, and no one will have to watch hours of YouTube videos to understand what their child is doing in math. (Been there!) The lessons are easy enough for kids to be self-directed (yay for freeing up some time for parents!) but challenging and interesting enough to keep children fully engaged (and learning!).”

“Systematic approach and depth of content aside (which I can’t help but get excited about coming from a teaching background), I was blown away by the seamless (and almost sneaky) integration of learning. Children who previously hated math will perhaps not even realize just how much math content they are learning and interacting with while using Creta Class. To a child, this will feel like watching an episode of their favorite cartoon while simultaneously playing their favorite game. Without realizing it, children using the Creta Class app will be exposed to, interact with, and learn math. The learning is hiding in plain sight – but is rich, varied, engaging, and FUN!”

“Creta Class could be the key to removing the fear and dread older children often associate with math. If they use this product at the beginning of their education, they may come to believe that math and math education is not something to be feared – but something to enjoy.”

“I liked the visuals of the app and how fun it makes learning. The characters and animation are absolutely adorable as well as of top-notch quality. I was very impressed with the quality of this app.”

“Creta Class introduces kids to basic foundational math skills such as number recognition (via several different methods, numerals, grids, etc), shapes, addition, subtraction, and problem- solving. Additionally, children using Creta Class will work to follow directions, increasing their listening and communication skills. Having to “prove” what was learned allows a child to process information and employ critical thinking.”

A young girl shows one of Creta Class's fun, colorful, and exciting courses!

A young girl shows one of Creta Class’s fun, colorful, and exciting courses!

MCA: What is next for Creta Class?

Christy: Technology has changed how children learn. When I was growing up, I used cassettes, then CD players, and lugged around heavy textbooks. Today, children can learn anything and everything all on just one digital device. Watch videos, read digital books, play educational games, or look something up–all of these things can be done on a smartphone or tablet. It’s thrilling to see more and more great digital educational products coming out for young children; they make learning easy and fun. What we’re doing is exactly this. We’ve already received tons of positive feedback from our young learners and their parents–it’s a good feeling. We’ll continue to improve our content and how we teach math. Taking advantage of all technology we developed, a more efficient and adaptable product will be designed and offered. In the future, we plan to launch more children’s resources and maybe even get into other subjects.

MCA: That’s so exciting, please be sure to keep us in the loop!

You can learn more about Christy and her award-winning app, Creta Class by visiting their MCA Shop pages.

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