Giveaway: Troomi Kid Safe Smartphone

Giveaway: Troomi Kid Safe Smartphone
We’re giving away this award-winning Troomi Safe smartphone for kids; Samsung Galaxy A12 + 3 free months of service on any Troomi plan (Do: $19.95, Dream: $24.95, Discover: $29.95) to 3 lucky winners!
About Troomi:
With dogged hope and optimism for the potential of every child, we focus our energy on finding better ways to introduce technology to kids. We believe ours is a movement that will help millions of kids achieve their dreams and live happy, healthy and balanced lives.

A phone that grows with your child!
To provide a technology environment in which kids can thrive, we spent a year developing KidSmart OS™, an Android-based operating system that empowers parents with an extremely easy, powerful and flexible set of parental controls—all while eliminating social media, addictive games, pornography and incoming access for predators and bullies.

Imagine starting younger kids with a very limited phone experience that consists of talk and text only —but with ZERO spam calls and spam messages—while providing the flexibility necessary to graduate children from one level of responsibility to the next based on needs and maturity. That’s what we have created—a phone that grows with your child without having to replace hardware.

Safety is just the starting point!
Should a phone for kids be safe? Of course—as a society, we know that now. But some solutions aimed at keeping kids safe are so locked down that they’re impractical for families or quickly resented and outgrown by the young people they intend to serve.

At Troomi, we take a different approach.

Our mission is to provide kids with guardrails for safety and opportunities for growth, learning, personal discovery and preparation for the future. We do this by creating solutions that empower children to pursue their dreams vigorously through a safe, balanced relationship with technology.

We invite you to join us in that mission!

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Giveaway: Troomi Kid Safe Smartphone

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Entry for this giveaway will close on August 19th, 2022 at noon EST.

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  1. Our kid is going to start homeschooling this year and he just turned 12 yrs old. He has special needs but our local middle school doesn’t have a curriculum that would satisfy his needs and would hold him back. Part of his schooling will be outings to our local museums and parks for nature learning. A phone would be amazing so he can keep notes and take pictures for story telling along with the educational apps we will use.

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