Giveaway: The Mischief Series Bundle

Giveaway: The Mischief Series Bundle
We’re giving away a bundle of the award-winning “The Mischief Series Bundle” by author Amanda M. Thrasher to 3 lucky winners!
About the Bundle:

A delightful adventure series filled with fun and exciting quests. Whimsical characters Lilly, Boris, and Jack lead by example to demonstrate the importance of teamwork, friendship, loyalty, and kindness. From discovering where fairy dust comes from to leaf surfing, web scrambling, and interacting with an actual human, the fun and gentle life lessons never end. Elders guide the young fairlings, balancing their protective nature with the knowledge they must equip the young to look after themselves,an elegant metaphor for the trust that develops in the parent and child relationship.

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Giveaway: The Mischief Series Bundle

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