We’re giving away this educational award-winning DVD about respect, sharing and teamwork, to 2 lucky winners!

In these whimsical stories, our characters pray to Jesus, giving thanks or asking Him for guidance. It is our vision and mission to create products that help children learn how to be loving, kind, and Christ-like. In addition, they love looking for the hidden Christian symbol on each page. A favorite among parents, teachers, and especially the children!

“The Respect Effect”- Marcus falsely promises to teach David his bubble burst skill. As David waits to learn this skill, Marcus becomes a bad influence on David.

“Sharing is Caring”- Twin sisters, June and January, like to argue. They learn loving each other and putting others first is most important.

“Unique Gifts”- Carter wants to play basketball but Marcus thinks Carter is too little. Carter demonstrates his winning skills and Marcus demands that Carter be on his team next time.


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Entry for this giveaway will close on October 4th, 2019 at noon EST.

You can view our giveaway terms and conditions here. If you have additional questions, please email us or ask in the comment section below.



7 Comments on “GIVEAWAY: Sea Kids DVD”

    1. My twitter is @stacykelly424 and I don’t have anything in my email. I have confirmation of entereing but nothing about winning.

    2. Ty found the email was in spam but when i searched my emails it didnt show up. So excited my son will be too his bday is in 2 weeks.

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