GIVEAWAY: Sea Kids Book Series (7)

GIVEAWAY Sea Kids Book Series (7) Pinterest

We’re giving away this award-winning book series 1 lucky winner! That’s a total of 7 books!


Sea Kids is an outstanding Christian children’s book series inspired by author Lee Ann Mancini’s desire to teach children how to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus.

These fun, engaging stories show young children in a tangible, relatable way what it looks like to walk with Jesus on a daily basis: communicating with Him, imitating Him, and showing His love to others. Whether the dynamic characters are learning how to pray, how to be truthful or how to have compassion for others, children will love experiencing the colorful world of the sea creatures. More importantly, children will develop an understanding and excitement about a relationship with Jesus that will be a foundation for the rest of their lives.


Fast Freddy
The Sea Kids learn the importance of accepting others for their differences. Freddy, a sharktopus, overcomes the ridicule of being different. He joins the swim team, and the Sea Kids discover he is a great kid. He says a prayer of thanks to Jesus for being different and for his new friends.

What A Bragger!
Melissa tries to win friends by bragging. She learns the Sea Kids love her for who she is and not what she has. Tears of sadness turn into tears of joy at her surprise birthday party. Melissa says a prayer of thanks to Jesus for the things that matter most.

Forever With Jesus
The Sea Kids learn that Jesus died for their sins and that by believing in Him, they will live in heaven forever. While visiting their grandparents for Grandma Pinky’s 80th birthday, Mr. Higgins, the neighbor, passes away. They understand they do not have to fear death because their belief in Jesus guarantees they will live forever with Him in heaven.

A Servant Like Jesus
Charlie is too shy to come out from his hiding spot behind the cleanup sink at school. When Miss Stella Starfish asks him to become her teacher’s helper, Charlie acquires a new confidence in the special abilities God has given him. By helping his teacher and classmates, Charlie learns something even more important – the value of serving others, becoming a servant like Jesus.

I’m Not Afraid!
Susie and her friend go to the Undersea Amusement Park. Susie is fearful to ride the Whale-Back Roller Coaster. After speaking with her mother and saying a prayer to Jesus, she rides the Whale-Back Roller Coaster. Susie learns that her fears can be turned into faith when she relies on Jesus.

God’s Gift
Christian and his sister Mary believe they get more presents at Christmas. However, Jacob and his brother Jeremiah believe they get more presents during Hanukkah. The Sea Kids learn the holidays are not about receiving presents but about God’s provision for those He loves. The true gift from God is learned in this colorful holiday story.

God’s Easter Miracles
The Sea Kids learn that the Easter celebration is not about the Easter Bunny or candy. It is about Jesus giving up His life and sacrificing Himself for others. Lenny was healed, Jimmy received salvation, and Paul, who is autistic, has a change of heart. A true lesson of becoming more like Jesus is learned in this beautiful Easter story of love and grace.

GIVEAWAY: Sea Kids Book Series (7)

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  1. These are great books to teach my niece about Jesus! I love the sea theme because it is super kid friendly!!! I love the illustrations!

  2. These are some of the best books. I come from a long line of teachers, and we all just love and respects books.

  3. I would love to win i met leann the creater of seakids at megacon a conference for childrens ministry. My kiddos at chuch love seakids.

  4. I would love to win these books for my grandson, He is six and loves to read with me and I so love Christian children’s books and don’t have extra funds to buy them so anytime I see one at a yard sale or thrift store cheap I buy them. I it awesome that God has given the author this gift of sharing his words with children. Thanks and God Bless

  5. I love all the books and other items Mom’s Choice Awards has to offer people with children. You guys are amazing.

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