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Dog Breeds for Kids

Kids who grow up with dogs learn important lessons that they might not learn otherwise! They’ll learn how to respect animals, how to take responsibility and care for pets, but most of all, they learn all about the undying love and affection a dog has for its humans.

If you’re planning on getting your kid a dog, there’s more to the decision than just a pretty pet. The dog you choose needs to be kid-friendly! Here are our top choices.

For The Energetic Kids

If your kid is one who prefers spending time outside, climbing trees, digging in the garden, or running off excess energy, it’s a good idea to get them a dog breed that will match that active lifestyle. Look at:


The trusty, solid little beagle makes a wonderful family pet. If your kid spends plenty of time in the yard, their Beagle will be right by their side.

These little pooches are very playful and love a good romp. If their human can be involved, they’re even happier, which is why they’re great for bouncy kids!


Labs are one of the goofiest breeds and are great for slightly older kids who can deal with their boisterous natures.

They’re extremely easygoing, so they’re a superb first dog for a child. Labs do need plenty of exercise, though, so your kid will need to keep them well exercised!


A Boxer will provide endless hours of hilarity for the family, and would be a fantastic companion for a kid who is active and has a great sense of humor.

These goofballs not only have adorably funny facial expressions, but they’re also gangly and awkward, despite loving a good bit of exercise.

For Anxious Kids

Anxious kids may be a little reluctant to have human company, but they’ll benefit greatly from the love and trust of a pet of their own. For the anxious kids, look at:


Corgis strike a good balance between being independent and affectionate. They’re even-tempered and devoted to their humans, and know exactly when their kid needs a cuddle and when they need a bit of space.


These sleek pups come in large or small varieties, but either way, they love to snuggle and are incredibly sensitive to the feelings of their human.

They’re happy with a whole lot of physical affection, but they’re best for anxious kids who are also able to give their Greyhound plenty of exercise.

Golden Retrievers

These gentle, tolerant pups are the perfect companion for a nervous child. They’re fluffy enough for a child to hug when they’re feeling overwhelmed, and are known for being extremely gentle with kids of all ages.

For The Kids Who Like to Cuddle

Affectionate children and affectionate dogs are the perfect match! If your kid is a cuddler, choose a dog breed that’s patient and enjoys a good bit of love and snuggling, like:


Spaniels are among the most loyal dogs you’ll find. Make sure your child spends plenty of time with their Spaniel, because they bond closely with one person.

Choose a Cocker Spaniel for a more active child, and a King Charles Cavalier for more relaxed children. Both of them are delightful, fluffy, and have lovely temperaments.

Bichon Frise

These powder puffs are amazingly soft and cuddly! They’d make a great fur-friend for a child who is gentle and loving, with a playful streak. They’re also very trainable, so that may be something your kid could get involved in.


These fluffy pooches may be big, but they’re amazing with kids. They’re super docile and love a good lounge around, so they’ll be perfectly happy to be a giant furry pillow for your kid, provided the child is as gentle with the dog as the pup is with them. Beware the slobber!


Your kid is in for a treat! Dogs aren’t just pets – for many kids, their pup is one of their best friends growing up.

As long as you’ve chosen a breed that’s child-friendly and suits your kid’s temperament, they’re in for a happy childhood with their trusty fluff by their side!

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  1. Great article my daughter just lost her dog and was able to rescue a puppy for her family. She made sure to select a dog that would work with her young children.

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