Daily Experiences That Make Me Feel Like an Adult

Daily Experiences That Make Me Feel Like an Adult

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There are a lot of big life moments that many people view as the turning point from childhood into adulthood. There’s buying your first house, landing your first big job, or doing your taxes (the least fun of all adult activities). However, more often than not, as adults, we forget about the mundane daily experiences that make us go, “Oh wow, I really feel like a big kid now.”

While there are lots of negative or not fun tasks that remind us that we’ve entered adulthood – such as paying our bills or realizing that eating ice cream for breakfast is bad for our health – today we’re going to look at some of the more fun or unexpectedly exciting daily experiences of adult life.

Buying Furniture

Daily Experiences That Make Me Feel Like an AdultNo one told me that one of the most fun daily experiences I’d have during my life as an adult was going to be when I went to buy furniture for my apartment. During college, you’re scraping by on couches and beds and tables handed down from gracious family members cleaning out their storage or getting rid of old pieces. Being at an age where I make decent money at my job, I’m now able to be more selective with my furniture and choose pieces I like to fit my space and aesthetic.

And honestly, furniture shopping ranks pretty high on surprisingly exciting daily experiences – right next to grocery or appliance shopping. I don’t know if finding these activities fun is what makes you an adult or if these things are just fun to all adults, but either way. These were not experiences I imagined myself enjoying as a kid, but I love them now!

Having Nice Perfumes and Clothes I Bought Myself

On the list of fun daily experiences that make me go “Wow this is such an adult thing to do,” having nice perfumes or clothes that I bought for myself with my own money ranks pretty high on the exciting scale. Being able to buy nice things for yourself with your own money is a huge privilege that not everyone can have, so I always appreciate it when I have the opportunity to treat myself to something just because I want it.

Also, I don’t know what it is about nice perfumes that just feels so classy and grown, but I have wanted a “signature” scent for a few years now. It’s only recently that I’ve had enough money to make this goal come true, so I’m very grateful to have that opportunity. Everyone deserves nice things, and if you have the means and haven’t treated yourself lately, take this article as a sign that it’s time to do something nice for yourself.

Make Plans to Eat at Nice Restaurants

Another one of the adulthood daily experiences that I’m grateful to be able to have is making plans to try a nice restaurant with my friends. We don’t go crazy – I usually stick in the twenty to thirty dollar price range – but there’s something very adult about eating somewhere that you might have to reserve a table for. I personally love good food, so being able to enjoy a night with my friends and try something delicious a few times a month is a privilege for me.

This is especially true when living in Tokyo, which is such a foodie city. Being able to go out and eat a few times a month at new and exciting restaurants was a really nice change for me, and I look forward to continuing to enjoy this adulthood experience.

Drinking Water Every Day

One of the more underrated adult-like daily experiences, but drinking water every day really does make me feel like I’ve transitioned out of childhood into an adult life. I saw a video the other day where someone said that when they were young, they felt like alcohol and coffee were the adult drinks, but realized as they got older that the true “adult drink” was water. Honestly, I’ve never found a video more relatable.

I remember being in college and going days without drinking water, filling my body with sugary sodas and juices instead of hydrating. Now I get a small headache and immediately consider whether I’ve had enough water in the last few hours. The need to stay hydrated and the revelation that drinking soda every day isn’t good for me was probably one of the biggest “I’m an adult now” moments during the last few years.

Talking to the Doctor (Without My Mom Around)

While doctor’s visits themselves are neither fun nor exciting, making appointments that I go to on my own was probably some of the most adult experiences I’ve had in the last year. There’s something very grown up about filling out paperwork on your own, telling the doctor your symptoms, and going to pick up your prescriptions – all without your mom’s help! Sometimes I don’t even call her to tell her I’ve gone to the doctor – I do it all completely on my own.

I know it sounds silly to think about, especially if you’ve been handling doctor’s visits on your own for a while, but it was definitely something I’ve experienced over the last few years that made me realize how much I’ve grown into a functional adult. If you’re someone like me who used to get nervous or anxious about doctor’s visits and now handle them on your own, you should be proud of your accomplishments!

Showing the People I Love Around My City

During the holidays, I had the exciting experience of introducing my family to Tokyo. Recently, I have had a few friends and loved ones come to visit me, and the act of showing them around and inviting them to stay with me in my home made me feel very grown up and accomplished. While on the one hand, I know this might be a bit more exciting than some of the other daily experiences on this list, I also feel like it’s important to add because it wasn’t something I expected to be excited about when I was a kid.

There’s something really nice about being able to take care of the people who helped you through life by hosting them and introducing them to your current life. Having local restaurants that you can take them to and activities you can enjoy with them feels incredibly exciting to someone who has never been able to have this opportunity before. It definitely made me feel like a real adult now.

Keeping a Planner, Budget Book, and Calendar

Maybe this is just me, but being organized with a planner, budget book, or calendar is one of the daily experiences that makes me feel like a responsible adult. I personally love planners and budget books, and I encourage all young adults transitioning into adulthood to invest in them to help keep organization and consistency in their lives.

Plus, they’re super cute and there are a lot of fun and colorful styles to choose from! Not only will it make you feel more organized and adult, but it will also add to your overall aesthetic and make you feel less stressed about remembering plans and keeping track of your expenses.

Do you have more daily experiences that make you feel like an adult? Tell us in the comments!

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