‘Tis the Season for Online Shopping Scams

Online Shopping Theft

Online holiday shopping has ultimately changed the way parents shop for their loved ones. Instead of hiring a babysitter and hoping to take care of all the holiday shopping in a matter of hours. Read More

5 Ways to Teach Your Family Gratitude This Holiday Season

family gratitude holiday

Although we at Mom’s Choice are intentional proponents of exercising an attitude of thankfulness every day of the year, having a physical holiday to focus on, especially for younger children, can help us zero in on the central theme of the Thanksgiving holiday. Because children learn best by doing, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways that you can help teach your children to flex their gratitude muscles this holiday season. Read More

Toys R Us Stores to Offer Quiet Shopping Hours for Children with Autism

Toys R Us Autism Quiet Hours

Stores will reportedly open one hour early on November 6 to accommodate families who would like to shop, just without the familiar stimuli. Management will dim the lights, turn off store-wide announcements and music, display autism-friendly signage, and designate quiet spaces for families that need them. Read More

Fun DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts for Kids (image)

Here are some of our favorite Halloween crafts that we’ve seen on Pinterest and around the web. All are easy to do with kids and great fun for everyone! Read More

Notes on the Seasons of Motherhood

seasons motherhood

What I’m learning, though, is that each of these seasons prepares me for the next. While I may not enjoy my doubting season, it gives me an impetus to explore what I believe about mothering, marriage, faith, and friendships. When I do this, I’m better able to solidify my convictions and move forward with purpose. Read More

Mom Chronicles: Celebrations & Mishaps

Mom Chronicles: Celebrations and Mishaps

My most profound memories stand out as moments of extreme joy or pain. Many of the most joyous ones happened during celebrations when I embraced my family’s love, received gifts, ate favorite foods, dressed in new clothes, and felt perfectly carefree without school or other obligations. Read More