Teaching Teens About Distracted Driving

Teaching Teens about Disctracted Driving image

Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t always the most receptive with their parents. While I was in that phase over ten years ago, I can still vividly remember my rebellious period. Read More

The Arduous Task of Putting Kids to Bed


It’s my thought that kids try to pack as many conversations, requests, grievances, and protests into as little time as they can during that magical half-hour we call lights out. It’s actually pretty incredible. While we, as adults, have learned the art of the wind-down shortly before it’s time to sleep (normally consisting of reading a book or watching tv, putting comfy clothes on, and just plain shutting our eyes!), it’s almost like the word bedtime invokes some Pavlovian response in small children; one that whispers, “game on.” Read More

FunBites Giveaway!


12 lucky winners will receive a FunBites food cutter! These Mom’s Choice Award-winning food cutters are SO FUN! Enter for your chance to win! Read More

My Family’s Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Our kids are finishing up another year of school. So…now what? Before the daily monotony has a chance to set in, my family thought we’d come up with a little Summer Bucket List to keep the summer blues and “I’m bored” attitudes at bay. Read More