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On the Value of Mom’s Choice Awards®

We couldn’t be any more pleased with all the wonderful publicity we are getting from the award!

– Kristina Havenhill
Briarcliff Publishing

The Mom’s Choice Awards® are terrific. The best part about MCA is the follow-through once the awards are presented. MCA does a spectacular job of supporting it’s award-winners with publicity efforts in traditional media and social media. MCA provides special offers (like trade show demonstrations) that would not be possible otherwise. Our clients have enjoyed tremendous benefits by having their products reviewed by MCA.

– Greg Walsh
Walsh Public Relations LLC

Mom’s Choice Awards® goes beyond just awards. They work closely with manufacturers. Earning their seal means they believe in your product, and they spread the love by providing targeted coverage to consumers.

– Viyada Schultz
Blue Orange Games

What I particularly love about Mom’s Choice Awards® is that it did provide the statistics. Since a big part of my career is speaking at schools and libraries, the Library eCatalog program seemed like a perfect fit. My publisher notified me of a sudden burst of sales after the program, so for me it was a success, and the reason why I entered MCA again this year.

– Lee Edward Fodi
Author, Kendra Kandlestar series

We are very grateful. The publicity from Mom’s Choice Awards® always is a game changer for us…We could not afford to purchase the publicity that MCA gives us with every win. It is an incalculable value, sincerely.”

– Karen L. Stuth
Co-owner, Satiama LLC

Thank you! I’ve had results like never before because of you! Your award pushed [my book] way beyond my wildest imagination! With your endorsement it has taken off.

– Subhash Kommuru
Author, The Magic of Friendship

A Mom’s Choice Awards® social media campaign helped us increase our following significantly–roughly 50% on Twitter alone. Smart ideas paired with wonderful execution resulted in one of the most successful marketing events we’ve ever experienced.

– Jane Ji
President, Springbay Studio Ltd.

The Mom’s Choice Award® is one of several awards our book has been privileged to earn, and your organization seems to be the most supportive in measurable ways, the most available and approachable, and the most aware in terms of marketing support and experience.

– Jennifer Wood Tierney
Honeysuckle Press

We love Mom’s Choice Awards®. It gives mom consumers confidence in our product. The recognizable seal adds integrity to our product, so consumers are at ease when purchasing our quality, kid-friendly toys.

– Madalyn Zastrow
Pacific Play Tents, Inc.

We love participating in the Mom’s Choice Awards® program. It gives us insights into what features and attributes moms value in a toy for their child.

– Jon Capriola
Founder, Laser Pegs

I can speak from experience: marketing yourself in the children’s book world can be extremely difficult, but because of you guys at Mom’s Choice Awards®, I have to say I have had so many incredible opportunities and doors open up! I am so extremely grateful to you.

– Angela Halgrimson
Author, Lenny the Crow

I’m very grateful for the interaction MCA is providing…it is awesome! Thanks.

– Jenny Kile

Of all the awards we’ve won, your seals stand out!

– Sara Dobie
Sylvan Dell Publishing

After winning a Mom’s Choice Award®, my Facebook page spiked! Almost 1,000 new likes!

– Adam T. Newman
Author, How to Catch a Cold and How to Fight a Cold

[At the] Reading Recovery Council of North American, the Mom’s Choice Awards® silver medal gave me a huge boost of credibility among all my peers.

– Sara Atherlay
Clownin’ ‘Round Readers Book Club

Mom’s Choice Awards® continues to prove itself as a great investment! We appreciate all your help and effort!

– Emily Forbes
Meadowbrook Press

I truly do not know what I would do without you! You do so much to help your honorees.

– Cheri Hallwood
Forever Young Publishers

It’s a pleasure working with you…What great work you’re doing! For us, new to the to industry, your work and awarding our games are worth more than gold! Thank you again!

– Anna Kristensson
Games By Bright of Sweden

Many people seek out Mom’s Choice Award® winners!

– Joan Calder
Author, Airplanes in the Garden

I just can’t thank you enough for all you do for your honorees–inclusion in the MCA webstore, notice on the Barnes & Noble website, media releases, etc.

– Pauli Reading
McBiskit Publishing

This honor is making a difference in how noticeable my books are. Unlike my previous works, I published these books myself and self-published books can be easily overlooked. Having the MCA emblem on the front helps buyers overcome this prejudice.

– Dorothea Jensen
Author, Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf and Blizy, the Worrywart Elf

On the Mom’s Choice Awards® Support Team

I know well the respect this award has as well as the commitment staff have always shown to core values. But more personally, everyone has been welcoming, friendly, interested, and gracious.

– Janet Corson
Regnery Publishing

The customer service I receive when interacting with Mom’s Choice Awards has always been superb, but more importantly extremely helpful. This is how every company should be. Thank you.

– Sophia Powers
The Learning Journey International

Mom’s Choice has been professional and great all along. Would that everyone in the industry were the same! Always a pleasure and reassurance, and it’s not only because we won an Award. Well done.

– Carol Ann de Barros Groberg
Creator,  The Animal Carols

The Mom’s Choice Awards® team is a fantastic group!

– Mary T. Ficola
Avail Press

We’re so very impressed with the entire Mom’s Choice Awards® team!

– Drs. Charles D. & Elizabeth A. Schmitz
Successful Marriage Reflections, LLC

You folks are absolutely wonderful. Wish you could orient and train CSR’s at other companies.

– Cynthia Frank
Cypress House

One of the things that truly separates Mom’s Choice Awards® from other organizations is your responsiveness. You are absolutely terrific!

– Kent Brown
Round Top Group, LLC

I’m really impressed with the cordiality and professionalism of your company!

– Michael J. Dowling
President, Wool Street Publishing

The Mom’s Choice Awards® staff is the most helpful and friendly support team!

– Bonnie Wayne
Author, The Adventures of Bella and Finny series

The Mom’s Choice Awards® staff is always so quick and expedient in helping us!

– Abby Barnhart
Thomas Nelson, Inc.

The Mom’s Choice Awards® support team is always super helpful!

– Chariss K. Walker
Author, Make a Joyful Noise

Thank you to all your staff for addressing my concerns each and every time with such kindness.

– Susan Jones
Author, Until We Meet Again

Absolutely the best communication I receive – and I receive approximately 70 emails a day!

– Lorraine Parisi

More Positive Experiences with Mom’s Choice Awards®

You run such an excellent program. Mom’s Choice Awards® is truly a first class organization. You win my award for best among all awards programs!

– Michael J. Dowling
President, Wool Street Publishing

We are honored to be part of the Mom’s Choice Awards® family! Our authors were on cloud 9 after their MCA experience.

– Cathy Teets
President, Headline Books

How do I even begin to thank you? I still get goosebumps when I think of that magical moment when the news [of my award] arrived. You’ve changed my life.

– Jewel Kats
Author, Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair and The Princess and the Ruby

It makes us proud to have earned the seal of approval from an organization that clearly works for the benefit of all its stakeholders, authors, and customers alike.

– Laurie Mobilio
Author, The Grammie Guide

Mom’s Choice Awards® is a terrific, professional, very buttoned-up organization. It’s been a genuine pleasure working with all of you.

– Marilyn Gerber
Adam Friedman Associates

Ya’ll are the best!

– Ron Erdman
RKR Ventures, LLC

You all are the BEST! You’ve certainly exceeded customer satisfaction!

– Veronica Zysk
Autism Digest Magazine