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Adult Books 2013

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Appetite for Life
by Stacey Antine, MS, RD
HarperOne (HarperCollins)
Silver: Parenting – Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

Baby Sleep Advice Series:
- No-Tears Self Soothing: Proven Techniques to Help Your Baby Settle and Sleep Through the Night
- No-Tears Sleeping Through the Night: Proven Techniques to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
- Nap in a Snap: 3 Steps to Easy Nap Times for Your Baby and Toddler
by Heidi Holvoet
Silver: Series

Bessie’s Pillow: A Young Immigrant’s Journey
by Linda Bress Silbert
Strong Learning Publications
Gold: Historical Fiction

Big Questions from Little People
by Gemma Elwin Harris
Ecco (HarperCollins)
Gold: Anthologies, Essays & Collections

What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear
by Carrie Goldman
HarperOne (HarperCollins)
Gold: Parenting – General

Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00
by Mark Di Vincenzo
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Gold: Non-Fiction

Calm the Crying:
The Secret Baby Language that Reveals the Hidden Meaning Behind an Infant’s Cry
by Priscilla Dunstan
Avery (Penguin Group)
Gold: Parenting – General

Dear Photograph
by Taylor Jones
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Gold: Arts & Photography

Defend Your Life:
Vitamin D3 – A Safe, Easy, and Inexpensive Approach to Improving Quality of Life
by Susan Rex Ryan
Smilin Sue Publishing
Silver: Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

Dinner: A Love Story
by Jenny Rosenstrach
Ecco (HarperCollins)
Silver: Cooking, Food & Wine

Eat to Lose, Eat to Win
by Rachel Beller, MS, RD
Gold: Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters: Discover their Hidden Meanings
by Kun Ho Park & Kyung Yong Kong
Illustrated by Jae Young Lee
Kong & Park, Inc.
Silver: Non-Fiction

Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life
by Patricia Moore-Pastides
Photography by Keith McGraw
The University of South Carolina Press
Gold: Cooking, Food & Wine

by Anna Bozena Bowen
Small Batch Books
Gold: Women’s Issues

Have Mother, Will Travel:
A Mother and Daughter Discover Themselves, Each Other and the World
by Claire & Mia Fontaine
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Gold: Biographies & Memoirs

Heartache and Hope in Haiti:
The Britney Gengel Story–Making Our Daughter’s Last Wish Come True
by Len & Cherylann Gengel
TriMark Press
Gold: Life Transitions

Heartfelt Letters From Santa To You
by Veronica Christine Steck
St.Nick’s Publishing
Gold: Inspirational / Motivational

How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)
by Heather Criswell and Taryn Voget
Everyday Genius Institute with WiseInside
Gold: Parenting – General

Instant Mom
by Nia Vardalos
HarperOne (HarperCollins)
Gold: Adoption

It’s Really 10 Months:
Delivering the Truth About the Glow of Pregnancy and Other Blatant Lies
by Natalie Guenther, Kim Schenkelberg and Celeste Snodgrass
Anam Cara
Silver: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal:
Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad
by Scott Benner
Spry Publishing
Gold: Parenting – Contemporary Families

Look Both Ways:
9 Evolutionary Parenting Principles Parent with Possibility in Uncertain Times
by Tricia Ferrara
Archway Publishing
Gold: Parenting – Contemporary Families

Mindful Birthing:
Training the Mind, Body and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond
by Nancy Bardacke, CNM
HarperOne (HarperCollins)
Gold: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Mommy IQ
by Rosie Pope
Gold: Pregnancy & Childbirth

Parenting for Education
by Vivian Owens
Eschar Publications LLC
Silver: Parenting – General

Pride and Joy:
A Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Emotions and Solving Family Problems
by Kenneth Barish, PhD
Oxford University Press
Gold: Parenting – General

Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents
by Moira McCarthy
Spry Publishing
Gold: Parenting – Special & Exceptional Needs

Ready For PREtirement:
3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future
by Kris Miller, CHFEBS, CSA, LDA
Morgan James Publishing
Gold: Business / Entrepreneurial

Rise of the Red Crescent
by K. C. Lindberg
Xulon Press
Silver: Fiction

Signing with a Heavy Hand and Heart, Love Mommy:
A Journey Through Featal Alcohol Syndrome
by Sondra & Chanel Torres
Sondra Torres Publisher
Silver: Biographies & Memoirs

Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service
by Kirt Manecke
Solid Press, LLC
Gold: Business / Entrepreneurial

Socialsklz:-) For Success:
How to Give Children the Skills They Need to Thrive in the Modern World
by Faye De Muyshondt
Running Press
Gold: Parenting – Contemporary Families

Suddenly Single:
A Guide for Rediscovering Life After Tragic Loss
by Ruthann Reim McCaffree
Langdon Street Press
Silver: Life Transitions

Super Baby Food:
Your complete guide to what, when, and how to feed your baby and toddler
by RUth Yaron
FJ Roberts Publishing
Gold: Parenting – Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

Teach Your Children Well:
Parenting for Authentic Success
by Madeline Levine, PhD
Harper (HarperCollins)
Silver: Parenting – Contemporary Families

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew
by Ellen Notbohm
Future Horizons
Gold: Parenting – Special & Exceptional Needs

The Facebook Diet:
50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox
by Gemini Adams
Live Consciously Publishing
Gold: Humor

The Fitness Fun Busy Book
by Trish Kuffner
Meadowbrook Press (Simon & Schuster)
Gold: Parenting – General

The Joys of Jennifer:
Finding Success for Your Child with CHARGE Syndrome or Other Challenges
by Carolyn Siewicki
Fern Press
Silver: Parenting – Special & Exceptional Needs

The Modern Princess: A Simple Guide to Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year
by Princess Ivana Maria Pignatelli Aragona Cortes
Don’t Sweat It Media, Inc.
Silver: Pregnancy & Childbirth

The Playdate Busy Book
by Lisa Hanson & Heather Kempskie
Meadowbrook Press (Simon & Schuster)
Gold: Parenting – General

The Promise of Stardust
by Priscille Sibley
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Gold: Fiction

The Sensory Child Gets Organized:
Proven Systems for Rigid, Anxious, or Distracted Kids
by Carolyn Dalgliesh
Touchstone (Simon & Schuster)
Gold: Parenting – Special & Exceptional Needs

The Story of Moses
by Jennifer Talbot Ross
Outskirts Press
Silver: Biographies & Memoirs

The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook
by Tina Ruggiero, MS, RD
Page Street Publishing Co.
Gold: Cooking, Food & Wine

Treatment Alternatives for Children
by Lawrence Rosen, MD and Jeff Cohen
Alpha Books (Penguin Group)
Gold: Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

140 Fast, Fresh and Easy Recipes
by Catherine McCord
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Gold: Cooking, Food & Wine

What I Did
by Christopher Wakling
William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Silver: Fiction