Weekly roundup: Award-Winning Subscription Boxes, Tech Toys, Products for New Moms + More!! 01/30 – 02/05

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This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features subscription boxes, tech toys, products for new moms + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during January 30, 2022 to February 05, 2022.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — Wonder Garden

Wonder Garden

Etonkids Educational Group presents “Wonder Garden”, an early educational, monthly box for 0-3 year kids.

Being in the field for 20 years practicing the Montessori philosophy. We integrate the essence of Pickler and Reggio’s philosophy to come up with “Wonder Theory” love, responsibility, caring about children’s feelings and actions, noticing baby’s nature, growth law, and individual differences. Our box provides families with a “360 Degree” of professional parenting solutions, containing monthly tools, supporting video courses, and a Parenting app to meet the parent’s needs for maximizing their babies’ learning potential through:

  • Montessori Plus Course
    Parents’ Advice
  • STEAM Course
  • Gym Course
  • Language Course
  • Music Course

Educational Products:

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SwagBOARD Twist T580 Hoverboard

SWAGTRON® returns with the latest, SWAGGEST hoverboard for kids and young teens — the SwagBOARD Twist T580. Once again, SWAGTRON is first to market with advanced technology. Unlike competitors using Lithium-Ion, the LifePO4 internal battery is noncombustible and nonflammable from puncture, damage or charging when used as intended. Safety Is Swag.

The swagBOARD Twist T580 features dual 200-watt motors. That’s 400 watts of pure SWAG power that let riders up to 185 pounds zip and zoom around the neighborhood up to 6 MPH on this hoverboard. The 6.5-inch wheels come with colorful LED flashing wheel lights with the SWAGTRON logo. It lets others know that you’re riding on a hoverboard from the #1 premier brand, as chosen by parents, pro athletes, and chart-topping musicians. And the 6.5-inch maintenance-free tires to help your rides stay balanced and buttery smooth on even pavement.


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Award-Winning Children's book — SwagBOARD Twist T580 Hoverboard
Award-Winning Children's book — Soothing Snuggler

Soothing Snuggler

The Soothing Snuggler is a talking teddy bear that teaches evidence-based social-emotional learning skills like emotional expression, deep-breathing, and grounding exercises in a kid-friendly way.

Sometimes, kids don’t really know how to calm down on their own. The Soothing Snuggler teaches calming and soothing strategies through gentle play, which is how children learn and communicate best. Deep-breathing is taught by asking children to practice ‘sniffing a flower and blowing up a balloon’. Grounding exercises (tools that help you stay present in the moment and separate you from the distress of your emotional state) are taught by prompting children to describe their environment using all of their senses. All children experience stress even when we don’t see it. It’s so important to teach them actual strategies they can use when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:

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Simple Wishes SuperMom Bralette

We’re all about creating multi-functional bras that make your nursing & pumping routine easier. This wire-free style, which includes removable leakproof padding, will become your one (or two or three or four) and done nursing/pumping bra.

Avoid droopy bra cups! If you use a wearable pump, such as the Elvie or Willow, stop stretching out your nursing bra cups! If you use a regular nursing bra, you will find the cups will stretch out quickly because they need to expand almost 2-3 cup sizes each time you pump. When you use our SuperMom, the Comfort Sling and pump support liner will adjust to maintain ideal compression for the performance of the pump. The benefit to you, your breasts are always properly supported because the outer layer of the SuperMom bra does not get stretched out.

Gear & Accessories:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Simple Wishes SuperMom Bralette
Award-Winning Children's book — Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is one of the most popular game-based learning tools in North America. Available on web, iOS and Android, Prodigy Math features more than 1,500 math skills created by certified teachers and aligned with curriculum standards for grades 1-8. Gameplay has been designed under Prodigy Education’s philosophy of education, “Motivation First!” This is deeply rooted in evidence-based best practices and is designed to help keep students motivated, engaged, and excited about their learning.

Prodigy is highly accessible and allows parents to be as hands-on as they like. All in-game educational content, including more than 50,000 questions, 1,500 curriculum-aligned skills, as well as numerous support features, including hints and video lessons, is free to access, with this model supported by optional memberships that parents can purchase to help them stay invested in their child’s education.

Apps & Software:
Ages 5 to 8

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PAWS and THINK! Never Give Up
Written by Miranda Mittleman; Illustrated by Indos Studios

See the world through Weaver’s bright eyes,
With each new day valuable lessons arise.
Life is funny and can change in a blink,
So always remember to PAWS and THINK!
Today, Weaver digs up a lesson on perseverance.

Children’s Picture Books:

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Award-Winning Children's book — PAWS and THINK! Never Give Up
Award-Winning Children's book — NightBuddies® Sleepy Sea Life 15

NightBuddies® Sleepy Sea Life 15″ Plush Toy

Give the gift of wellness with good sleep for children. NightBuddies® are designed to ease fears and curb nightmares while being so soft and cuddly. It helps to stop the problem at its root by giving the child the ability to activate an auto off timed soft light providing comfort and companionship.

Everything grows from a good night’s sleep. Sleep nurtures minds and bodies in perhaps the most critical stage of development. In fact, finds the Sleep Foundation, “by the age of two, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of his or her childhood asleep.” “Nightmares and night terrors, disrupting this healthy and necessary process, affects up to 50% of children between ages 3–5″.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:

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Dr. Branam’s Xylitol Toothpaste

Dr. Branam’s Xylitol Toothpaste is proud to offer clinical trial results that show a 72% reduction in childhood tooth decay.

Only, Dr. Branam’s Xylitol toothpaste and gels have the necessary 30% Xylitol content to be therapeutically effective and are recommended by dentists, pediatricians, and pharmacists.

Daily use of Dr. Branam’s products combined with regular dental check-ups will give your child the best possible dental experience and minimize your family’s dental treatment expenses.

Choose from three delicious flavors that your child will love; as the parent, you will appreciate the prevention our products offer your children. Good Dental Health Begins Today with Dr. Branam’s Xylitol Toothpaste.

Food & Supplements:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Dr. Branam's Xylitol Toothpaste
Award-Winning Children's book — Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!3

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!3: An Underwater Adventure
Written by Jayne M. Rose-Vallee; Illustrated by Bonnie Helen Hawkins

Oceans are the planet’s most intriguing classrooms. They can teach our children about biodiversity, eco-systems, and most importantly, our responsibility as humans to care for them. In this underwater adventure we join four friends, along with the pint-size dinos that live in their curly hair, as they explore the magic of an undersea reef.

All profits earned through the DLIMH books and merchandise are donated to Literacy for Kids, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the goal to promote universal literacy.

Children’s Picture Books:

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