To All the Women that B!tch About Being Pregnant

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I get it. I used to be one of those women. When I found out I was pregnant I had all of these women telling me how much they loved being pregnant. Those are what we call the pregnancy unicorns. So, naturally I had pretty high expectations knowing in the back my mind that I probably wasn’t going to be one of those unicorns. And I was right…

I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you this, but pregnancy is tough. It’s having no control over your body and the alien it’s growing inside of it. It’s losing that thigh gap that you worked so hard to achieve in your 20s. It’s using a hair tie to button your jeans because fitting into those size 27 jeans is about the only thing keeping you sane. It’s morning sickness and gagging every time you brush your teeth. It’s getting stretch marks that no miracle cream will get rid of. It’s craving things you’ve never craved before like sour skittles. Well that doesn’t sound so bad. And wanting to eat everything in sight even if it’s not edible. It’s excruciating back pain you can’t get rid of. Need I go on?

Yes, I’ve b!tched about it all and I believe everyone has a right to feel and say whatever they choose. And I realized that I was starting to sound like a broken record and my negativity was directly affecting what in my mind is supposed to be a positive experience in my life. It wasn’t until my third trimester that it really started to sink in, “this is happening. I’m about to be a mom whether I’m ready or not”. Then, I began thinking about my pregnancy journey and how this may be the only time in my life that I ever get to experience being pregnant and it’s about to be over. So, to all you b!tchy pregnant women out there (just like me) here’s some insight I’ve gained that might help you have a more positive experience, as it did me.

1. Your body is doing something pretty damn amazing.
2. You were lucky enough to be chosen to create this human being. Not your husband and not your girlfriend who’s been struggling to conceive. You!
3. You get to talk to and feel that baby kick whenever you want.
4. You have an excuse to be crazy. They’re called hormones.
5. You get to eat whatever you want because let’s be honest baby gets what baby wants. And if I…I mean baby wants an entire bag of sour skittles for dinner, she gets them.


Everyone says being pregnant is a blessing and sometimes it may be hard to see the light when you’re hormonal, itchy, hot and all you want is a margarita. Just remember our bodies were meant to do this and women have been doing it for centuries without any of the amenities we have these days. God chose us as women to carry and birth these little miracles because let’s be honest, He knew we could handle it. Just remember how lucky you are that YOU were chosen to create that little miracle of life.



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6 Comments on “To All the Women that B!tch About Being Pregnant”

  1. Its all about the pregnancy stories you share in your new or old mommy circle. At first I didn’t feel like I needed to share, but anymore it a badge on honor to say how down and dirty it really got. No wonder the men just walk away when talk turns to kids. :)

  2. Children are such a blessing. my daughter was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children without fertility drugs due to PCOS. She lost 50 lbs and boom..pregnant! She is due in December. Their only child will be 8 this month and we could all NOT be happier!

    1. I agree and am so happy for your daughter! I feel for the women who have a harder time conceiving and I’ve learned that my negativity can be extremely insensitive to those women, so I try and remain as positive as possible no matter how much pain I’m in! I am expecting again as well and due in November. I hope your daughter has a happy healthy pregnancy!

  3. We are all different some women love being pregnant,I did.I felt so good but have had friends who were sick for months,but the finish product when you see that little being,so precious..that’s all the matters

    1. I agree and I envy those women that feel wonderful during their entire pregnancy. I have had some women tell me they prefer being pregnant!

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