We Are All the Impossible Woman

We Are All the Impossible Woman

Draven Jackson
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Oprah Winfrey has many words of inspiration, but my favorite by far is “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” So often in life, we tell ourselves that we are less than great, that we don’t have the abilities to accomplish our wildest dreams. But those thoughts are completely wrong – we are all the impossible woman, capable of doing amazing things.

I know sometimes it can feel like your dreams are unachievable. That you are not enough, that you don’t have the capacity or the skills necessary to do what you want in life. I have spent my whole life telling myself that I am nothing special, so I completely understand. And yet I firmly believe that we are all special. We are all strong. And we are all impossibly wonderful.

You are Stronger Than You Believe

We Are All the Impossible WomanIt’s easy to believe that you lack the strength necessary to be an “impossible woman.” And what really is an “impossible woman”? In my personal opinion, an impossible woman is someone who defies the odds – whether those odds are set by society or herself – and strives to be and do everything she ever dreamed of.

Too often, we give up on our dreams because they feel too far away. We tell ourselves that we can’t get that job because there’s someone better. Or maybe you think you won’t get a certain part or specific solo because you’re not talented enough. Maybe you even believe that you can’t live the life you want because you don’t deserve it.

Or, maybe, you’re afraid to try because you don’t think you have the strength to fight for what you want.

But I want you to know that you already have all the skills you need to be everything you want to be and more. In the words of Christopher Robin, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” You have to believe in yourself if you ever want to strive for the greatness you are more than capable of achieving.

If You Want to, You Can

At the end of the day, being an “impossible woman” is all about knowing what you want and doing whatever it takes to get it. If you want to, you can. The only person ever truly stopping you from being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live is yourself.

That doesn’t mean it will always be easy. Every opportunity comes with its own struggles, every triumph its moments of defeat. And yet, if you are willing to push forward and try again and again until you get what you want, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

Have faith in yourself and know that you’re worth so much more than you believe you are. Your life will always be exactly what you make of it, so don’t be afraid to make it as exciting and incredible as you want it to be.

The Only Person Who Decides Your Strength Is You

Never let someone else dictate whether you can be an “impossible woman.” There will always be someone to tell you that you can’t – someone to say that your dreams are just dreams and you should be more rational about the direction of your life. There will always be naysayers, haters, and people who don’t believe in you.

But in reality, the only person who decides your strength is you. The only person who can make you work harder or tell you when it’s time to give up is you. Only you know how much you can handle. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from Eleanor Roosevelt when she said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

There will always be someone there to tell you no and hold you back. Only you get to decide if you’re willing to listen.

And never limit yourself for others – don’t allow the words of someone who isn’t you to dictate what you are capable of. You are the only person who gets to live your life, the only one who has to experience your highs and lows. Make sure you are happy with the life you’re leading and don’t settle for less simply because someone else told you to.

Even the Hardest Struggles Can Be Beautiful Opportunities

Nothing comes easily and achieving the title of “impossible woman” will be a struggle. And there’s a high chance you won’t feel ready for the difficulties you may have to face. But that’s okay – you always need a little bit of rain to make the flowers grow.

When I decided to move to Japan, I was wholly unprepared for the experience. Not only am I now trying to create a space for myself in the world as a functional adult, but I’m also in a place where I don’t speak the language and there doesn’t exist a true place for me. To say that this experience has been without hardship would be a lie.

However, I have gained many beautiful gifts from my hardships. I am more confident in myself and my abilities now, more assured that I am capable and can take care of myself in even the most confusing and frustrating situations.

No opportunity is without struggle, and you must decide for yourself how much you can take. However, each hardship you face helps you to grow and evolve, becoming stronger and more self-assured. It helps you understand the importance of your existence, and how amazing you truly are.

We Are All the Impossible Woman

Many times, we tell ourselves that the “impossible woman” is someone fantastic and otherworldly who accomplishes great things. They are famous celebrities, historical figures, politicians and world-changers, and people whose names everyone knows.

But, in reality, everyone starts off the same – everyone is born a human being with a set of skills and abilities that they craft and grow during their lifetimes. We aren’t all given the same gifts or the same opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you are any less worthy of being an “impossible woman” than someone whose name is written in history.

An “impossible woman” is someone who lives a life she can be proud of. Someone who strives for her best self and does her best to achieve personal happiness. She is someone who doesn’t limit herself and who knows her own strengths.

We are all the impossible woman. Believe in yourself, have faith, and know that you are the only person who gets to decide what you are capable of.

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  1. Love this philosophy! It’s like my mom always said to me, just take one day at a time and follow your dreams!

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