Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

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Most pregnant women know that drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs while pregnant is a big no-no. However, despite official warnings from health agencies, a recent study found that 8.43% of pregnant women confessed to drinking alcohol during the previous 30 days, 10.34% admitted to smoking, and 4.98% took cannabis. Sadly, these vices all contribute to pregnancy loss. Therefore, for the sake of your baby’s health, it’s essential that you give up these addictions now.

Consuming alcohol

Many moms-to-be believe that the odd glass of wine here and there is harmless. But leading U.S health agencies, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, state that all alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it is passed via the blood to the placenta. Where excess alcohol has been consumed, fetal alcohol syndrome can occur. However, both physical and mental abnormalities can arise as a result of any alcohol consumption. Therefore, find alternative ways to unwind and relax, such as indulging in a warm bath, or treating yourself to a luxurious hot chocolate at the end of the day.

Non-essential medication

Back pain, abdominal pain, headaches, sore ankles, and leg cramps are just some of the conditions pregnant women experience. These aches and pains often lead individuals to reach for painkillers and anti-inflammatories. And when the pain is recurring, it can become normal to take these medications out of habit. However, ibuprofen, which is taken by 30% of pregnant females, aspirin, and codeine can impact both the mothers and her baby’s health. So, it’s best to seek out natural forms of pain relief to keep your unborn baby safe, such as warm baths with essential oils and homeopathy.

Drugs & cigarettes

Women with significant morning sickness are four times more likely to use cannabis, according to research. There is currently little evidence to highlight the impact cannabis has on babies, although, a link between low birth weight and weakened neurological development is believed. It’s wise to turn to natural remedies instead, such as ginger and eating healthily. Meanwhile, smoking in pregnancy is typically a habit carried through from a woman’s pre-pregnancy days. But, this is also linked to low birth weight, as well as SIDs. Therefore, you should consider working with your obstetrician to find ways to successfully give up the cigarettes.

Your pregnancy lasts just nine months, but these nine months count. To give your baby the best chance both in and out of the womb, it’s crucial that you forgo your unhealthy habits and vices and choose healthy alternatives instead.

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