2018’s Top Baby Names Are Out- Did Yours Make The List?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) Just released its list of most popular baby names of 2018, and while there were a couple of newcomers, it was a (mostly) unsurprising revelation.

Emma and Liam were the top girl and boy baby names this year, respectively. For Emma, fame is nothing new: it marks the fifth year in a row the name has been number one. Liam first appeared in the top 10 in the year 2012, and is at it’s second year at number one.

As for the changes? 2017’s number 10 girl’s name, Abigail, got pushed out of the list entirely by the name Harper, which hasn’t seen the list since 2015 and 2016. Knocking out 2017’s number 10 boy name, Jacob, is Lucas, which now sits at number 8 and has never before seen the top 10 list!

The 10 Most Popular Boy Names of 2018:

1. Liam
2. Noah
3. William
4. James
5. Oliver
6. Benjamin
7. Elijah
8. Lucas
9. Mason
10. Logan
The 10 Most Popular Girl Names of 2018:
1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Isabella
5. Sophia
6. Charlotte
7. Mia
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Evelyn
The SSA even has a handy tool where you can plug in your baby name choice and it shows you on a chart how it ranks in popularity, and has over the past several years. My own children’s names are rising in popularity, which surprises me- it will be interesting to hear how trends continue to change!
What do you think of these popular baby names? Would you pick a name off of the list for your own children? Let us know! 



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8 Comments on “2018’s Top Baby Names Are Out- Did Yours Make The List?”

  1. when I do have children I hope they don’t my brother and I’s were so popular, michael and jennifer and my mom named him after my father and myself after my grandmother, so it wasn’t on purpose lol!

  2. I was glad to see NONE of my grandchildren or great-grands were on the lists. Some of the kids will be in school with 4 or 5 other kids in their classes with the same name.

  3. NO my boys name is Kaiden he didn’t make THE list ! its funny that some of the names on the list are from soap opera characters or maybe they aren’t but just a coincidence.

  4. I used a baby name book I had from when I was younger. I used it to name characters when I wrote short stories.

  5. These are all nice names. I wish I knew about that handy tool when I had babies. but thanks I will share this with my pregnant sister.

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