Oversharenting: What is Responsible Sharing in the Digital Age?

Oversharenting Baby Selfie (image)

We all seem to have that certain friend that likes to post picture after picture and detail after detail of their kids. You know who they are, I see them in my Facebook friend list often. Three in four U.S parents say that know of at least one mom or dad that is guilty of this too. Read More

In the Midst of Tragedy, Why Are We So Quick to Throw Stones?

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I tend to think that outsiders blame parents because, when they admit that it’s an actual accident, they are admitting that they and their loved ones are not immune to the very same circumstances. It’s acknowledging that there are things that are out of their control; that even the most caring parent can’t completely shield and protect their child. Read More

6 Rules of Digital Citizenship for Kids

6 Rules of Digital Citizenship for Kids (image)

Our kids are digital natives. They are exposed to and use digital devices from a very early age. In those early years, we work very hard to ensure that our children are in a “closed” environment – protected from the wily ways of the worldwide web. Read More

Chris Hemsworth Bakes a Cake, and the Double-Standard of Parenting Becomes Apparent

chris hemsworth bakes cake

One thing I want to clearly articulate is this: it’s my belief that this happens, in part at least, because of the way we cut down fathers and expect them to mess up. You know how we clap in an exaggerated fashion and exclaim “YAAAAAYYYY!” when our babies do something simple, like waving or throwing a ball? It’s almost like that’s what we, what society, does when a father involves himself in any aspect of child-rearing. Read More

New Mothers are Turning to Crowdfunding to Supplement Maternity Leave

crowdfunding maternity leave

So, while women are guaranteed to have a job upon their return, they are left to figure out how to do without almost three months of income during these precious first weeks. For families who live paycheck-to-paycheck, this is daunting to say the least. These are some of the most vulnerable and life-altering moments in a woman’s life; the parent-child bond is born and set on a foundation. To have it shaken by stress and worry about basic needs being met is a scary reality for many mothers-to-be. Read More