Teacher Writes Tearjerking Letter to Kids Who Won’t Be Entering Kindergarten This Year

In the middle of all of the excitement and hustle, however, it’s easy to forget that there are people who are genuinely hurting at the beginning of this new school year: nobody more than parents who have lost children. As they watch their peers’ children (and even their deceased children’s friends) grow another year older and enter into a new grade, it is insanely painful to deal with the fact that their own won’t be joining them. Read More

Ohio Woman Donates Frozen Embryos to Parents In Need After Fertility Clinic Disaster

Ohio Woman Donates Frozen Embryos

Through sharing her decision, countless other couples have stepped up to do the same thing: give their eggs and embryos to these grieving women. The desire to build a family is a deep and overwhelming feeling that bonds us together. This is the mark of true compassion and empathy: knowing what it feels like to be in someone else’s place, and doing something about it. Read More

Father-Focused Instagram Account Highlights the Importance of Dads

Fatherhood Without Fear

With 186k followers and growing, the page has surely resonated with parents everywhere. Shown are photos of fearless dads who are wearing their babies, napping with sweet ones snuggled to their chest, or just plain smiling at the joy of being a parent… all things we traditionally are shown moms doing. Read More